Phone Water Cooling is REAL! "Water" Cooled Smartphone - S#!t 2 months ago   14:47

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Should YOU try water cooling your phone? Why would anyone even want to do this? Let's find out...

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Michael Forbis
I’m sorry but this whole thing is just ridiculous.
Richard Kelbe
I dont know why, but the odd ball videos like this are often my fav
Phone gaming xd
Linus, this type of waterblock are usually used in Chinese Farming phone usage. They use watercooled phones because they are charging all the time and loading spam for make money. I think it’s not designed for Mobile usage.
Using iPhone and sharing internet, downloading games, phones too hot to hold. Iv used watercooler onmy phone over an year now, chill 40-50°c, definitely worth it
Lol this mans got a banna stand
Maverick Hargrave
Who games on the phone? Android games suck balls.
Janak Poojary
No other phone(/heater) in the market could make a better prop for this video than a s10+😂😂
Asmit Rawal
You guys should make a water cooling fitting for the phone with bigger tubing. Not that there would be much difference at all since that one already seems to work, but it would be an interesting project, and would show a more practical use case scenario where someone could essentially just pop on a case and go for long mobile gaming sessions without throttling performance loss.
Trey B
I'm thinking this is for app game farmers.
Ultimate Gamer
Why am I even watching this? LOL!
Ian-Devon Lewis
that advert. buying your privacy from a company that you dont know lol
Jackson warnick
Never hace had it because i have an iphone X
Max Newell
the question is who the FUCK plays games on their phone
Sam Doubet
Does this mean you'll find a phone that you can fit a cooling plate on the inside of the phone and cut holes in its chasis? Then overclock the processor and see how far you can boost it? That could be cool!
Luca trapani
now use that to keep the phone cool while using samsung dex and doing some demanding tasks.
GK PinkyDemon
your own hands heat the phone i think its not fair to benchmark it on a cold surface
Watercooled sink
Joshua Allen
For as much heat transfer as water has, you don't need the radiator. The water pump on its own should be enough for a week's worth of gaming from a phone at least.
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"Water" Cooled Smartphone - S#!t Phone Water Cooling is REAL! 2 months ago   02:51