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Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage | Part 1 Rush Interview Cnn September - At Up-Tube.com

Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage Part 1 Rush Interview CNN September 10 months ago   09:02

Director, Paul Brighton, Executive Producer of AP-RED, films his all time favorite band and shakes hands with his long time idols!
Watch as Jason Drew chats with Alex Lifeson & Geddy Lee of the incomparable Canadian Trio, RUSH! Featured this year at the Tribeca Film Festival is an in-depth look at the band in their formative years and beyond in a documentary created by Scott McFayden and Samm Dunn.
Scott & Sam are know to relish in "Metal" artifacts such as old footage, photo and memorabilia from heavy metal bands and even brought us Iron Maiden's Flight 666 documentary. Jason chats to the Directors and the band as well as Skid Row's Sebastian Bach! This is a great treat for Rush fans who get to see their favorite band in the Limelight of the Tribeca Film Festival!

AP-RED.COM would like to thank the Tribeca Film Festival Staff & Volunteers for doing such a great job bringing us the world's biggest cult band!

Watch "Rush: Behind The Lighted Stage" (Banger Films Inc.) on VH1. Check local listings for dates and times.

Comments 57 Comments

Canada's greatest achivement in music has and always will be Rush.
Canada's greatest achievment in music has and always will be Rush. Suck it Bieber.
Where did Neal go ???
"So your from Canadia?"
Bruce Harville
I agree about the R&R Hall of Fame. Rush not being in as well as Yes. I saw the film and they mentioned Yes as an inspiration. Bands like those not being in R&R HOF and someone like Madonna being in is total BULL... It's just a joke and not a true slice of Rock&Roll history(the R&R HOF that is)
6:44 Geddy and Alex finally appear.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lost all credibility by not inducting Rush. This film is their Hall of Fame. I'm almost hoping that they don't get inducted because if the R & R Hall of Fame had any merit they would have been in long ago. Rush is above that crap.
Synax Four
Canadia.... wow
So you're from Canadia?
I love you Ruuuushhhhhh!!!!!
Alex Gutman
He said..Are you from Canadia?!:) He's probably from Floridia or sumfin'..great film..Viva RUSH!!
once again, my hero, mr. neil peart is incognito !..what's with this guy ?
sebastien 's a freaking fat head !..
Bach's son, Paris is standing in the background, during the interview. At the end, right before the credits, he shows up in the background again, not knowing what the hell to do, and lets out a nervous huff. My friend says he's nothing like his dad, that he's really calm and laid back. It must have been overwhelming for him. It would be for me.
1:27 canadia?

"I'll have to call Bon Jovi for that"
Jan Jaap Bruijn
This movie means much more than the R&R Hall of Fame.
Keep on trucking lads
sam kind of looks like geddy. lol
@N0rthwestRadio Ha I know I'm just a pup right? And God bless that you were there in 77! So cool! That Hemisphere's tour to me was unreal, but a bummer too because someone stole our StarMan Banner that took days to paint. I'm convinced Lerxst stole it and is now using it as his turban!
79? I'm gonna smack ya round a bit,, punk (playing with ya, love) , I saw RUSH in 1977 , so there, dang man 1977. ... And you,how dare you think you owe anything to anyone, You saw it, its yours, all yours, forever. :). Did I fire one 2112 or 5??
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Part 1 Rush Interview CNN September Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage 10 months ago   08:54

CNN's John Roberts sits down with the rock group Rush and finds out how they've kept rocking for 42 years.