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Robocalls: Last Week Tonight | "don't Lose Your Accent - At Up-Tube.com

Robocalls: Last Week Tonight "Don't Lose Your Accent 3 months ago   17:45

Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.

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Bernadette Boyle
'Ravenous Ghouls'!!! I'm still laughing!
Ally the rabbit
Wait ik who are the robo calls.....THE COMPANY WHERE you buy your phone bc they have your phone number so yeah i think it them
Jonathan Schaffer
I once got a robocall about somebody talking to me about my car. I quite enjoyed throwing it in his face when I told him I didn’t, in fact, own one.
Pamela Dipzinski
I have had robocalls saying I hadn’t paid an electric bill to a company that doesn’t supply my electricity, calls about medical insurance, bill collections for someone who isn’t me, and once for an arrest warrant in Texas but they didn’t say who the warrant was for and I haven’t been in Texas since 1977; among other things.

Sometimes I get as many as 20 robocalls in a day. At this point I just don’t answer my cell phone if I don’t recognize the number. Sometimes they leave a message, most times they do not. Then I just block the number.
Steven Universe
Stupid sand njqqa. Ajit Pai is such a f*cking clown
I received a Robocall about 45secs in...
Stan Ley
thats fast isnt it. the power of john oliver!
choke me, b u s i n e s s d a d d y
6 thousand phone calls?? After 1 call I block their asses. Why wait so long to take action? Jeez.
Julie Purpleskater
We don't "HAVE" to use our phones. I'm about to unplug mine permanently and just use texts, PERIOD.
Maya Deslilas
"The name is John Oliver and the adress is 348 W 57th, Street 301 New York, NY 10019 (I think, from what I managed to read. Apparently it's a ups store?)"
Starzone Neo
Cheers 348 W 57th. Street #301, New York, NY 10019
I am that robocaller who killed that man and stole his skin. Also, I will kill again. (LAUGHS).
FUCK YOU AGAIN, AJIT PAI! Fuck I hate you man.
Mr.Testiclease please please please
amazing ending
Nesta Nesta
Robocalls are the only calls l get. They're my friend. 😏
Kody Sedgwick
I've had 6k calls from the student loan forgiveness center. I've never fucking EVER had a loan of any kind. I've even had my phones contacts changed. It'll say it's a person's work number when I've never fucking had a work number for this person.
taca lucy
So did John really called them?
Cordula The Platypus
i've never gotten one or even heard of it but i live in Germany so...
Hamode Bokhamsen
You are a fucking hero, John. (Salute)
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"Don't Lose Your Accent Robocalls: Last Week Tonight 3 months ago   07:14

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