Robocalls: Last Week Tonight "Don't Lose Your Accent 2 weeks ago   17:45

Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.

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Waggish Sagacity
Many years ago, when answering machines (remember them?) were ubiquitous, a caller to NPR, I think, complained that sales people interrupted her family dinners. I wrote a letter to NPR: "Why does she not buy an answering machine" etc.? Nowadays, I DON'T get robocalls. Why, because, when caller does not leave a message, I don't pick up. See? Simple! Try it at home. Even your cell phone has a voicemail thingy, did you know that? Good luck: Works great for me.
Adéla Pafková
Can't they just block the number?
Alissa Purplebunnies
"Johnny's acting up" and "I bet I'm gona get some spicy jars in the mail about that"
Alissa Purplebunnies
Wait what's wrong with calling a tea salon Neverland it flew over my head 😂
Aaron Gibbs
Most calls I recieve nowdays re robocalls. I even get them coming from my own number like twice a week.
Ulquiorra Cifer
That robocall with the guy sounded like a real person. I probably would have been fooled.
anthony kellam
Your writers deserve pay raises!!!!
Gerardo Flores
did you yourself feel such a mystical vibration ...
Herotimes The Undertale Player
Man do they have an orchestra playing all this music? I wanna be in it.
Galfin 01
Why not try
I get ones that are in Chinese - i heard these scammed Chinese Americans as they thought the govt was after them and since they are scared that they might actually get in trouble back home, they gave the money etc.

I have the Pixel 3, so now i use the screening feature and they usually hang up right away.
Joe V
ONE Lesson here: do NOT EVER gives WELLS FARGO …..ANY BUISNESS AT ALL.....they're thieves
Blocking numbers helps, no call lists help and setting your phone to only accept known numbers
J.Y. Demir
At least someone's calling me.. Don't get rid of them
Why am I crying
Taylor Adair
I have terrible anxiety, and these calls have started so many panic attacks. I don’t understand how it’s legal.
Kevin Lee
He needs to reduce the interval between calls from every 90 minutes to every 3 minutes
what sort of sad fucking people worship this ugly little jew he looks like a rat
Fact Check
You forget Obsma the disaster
John Oliver is a god damn national treasure!
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"Don't Lose Your Accent Robocalls: Last Week Tonight 2 weeks ago   07:14

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