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Dirtiest Cheap Shots In Nfl Football | 10 Of The Dirtiest Plays In Nba History! - At Up-Tube.com

Dirtiest Cheap Shots in NFL Football 10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history! 2 years ago   11:29

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Gedalyah Reback
If I were a coach or in the front office I'd be really pissed if someone on the team got thrown out. Hell, even a teammate. Only 16 games a year and you get thrown out - do you know how many guys fought hard to make the roster and ended up getting cut? And to waste that spot on you and your selfish attitude? That just makes the bench more shallow and forces guys to be on the field more, risking other injuries by skipping switch-outs. It's awful
Edel Flores
This is so dirty IT makes my ROoM look clean
[ Insert YouTube Name Here]
3:11 isn't a cheap shot, he was trying to time the hike.
Matthew Heade
Listen close at 3:28
"Whup his ass!"
King Bastard
Charles Martin should have been arrested immediately after what he did to McMahon that day.
Kanye West
That redskins eagles one is clean hit it’s a penalty because he hadn’t touched the ball yet but the hit is clean
They didn't have anything from the Raiders in this video?
fuck gronkowski
*when a fight breaks out and the refs think the whistle will stop it*
L1T3 Seminar
QBs shouldn’t slide and just take the hit
Elijah Elias
1:57 That wasn't a cheap shot. Owens Disrespected Jerry Jones and the WHOLE Cowboy organization which was totally uncalled for. They were already winning and he had scored a decent catch so that act was annoying and he deserved to get clocked.
E. K.
Gotta luv the flying hawaiian on the jets kneel down..Also Suh's kick in the nuts on the leg whip...
The very first one.. with Flacco.. I’m not saying it wasn’t a dirty play, but pay attention to how quick and late he slides.. dude was wrong for throwing his elbow out, no doubt, but watch the hit a few times (not in slow mo)
Samurai Katana_sword345
When owens got hit, he deserved it, not a cheapshot.
kernel 5anders
Flacco got smelling salts and said "Who dat? Who dere?" 😂
3:27 whoop his ass
Italo Solarte
When you are watching a fight from a distance- 3:27
Phillip Hockey
Lets go Browns
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10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history! Dirtiest Cheap Shots in NFL Football 2 years ago   13:02

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Here are 10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history!