Dirtiest Cheap Shots in NFL Football 10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history! 1 year ago   11:29

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Will Herman
Suh is a piece of shit. He should be permanently banned from ever playing in the NFL again.

He's an overgrown baby. He's a cheap shot artist and a complete jagoff.

I would LOVE to see him get his ass handed to him by some 180 pound WR or a QB, just tune him up and embarrass him for life.
Mr Smith
See how stupid DemoRats are !
Luka Meah
Most of these idiot thugs should've been led off the field in handcuffs.
Tyrell Owens had it coming tbh
Charles Bronson
As opposed to NFL baseball history?
Ty Nao
Lol. Misleading vid title
Historic Battles
3:09 he frickin deserved it.
Todd Bridges
Buncha dirty fuckin bungle highlights. Who would've thought
CaliBear 415
Gronk would be on food stamps and considered unfit to work if it wasn’t for football. Dude has nothing going on between his ears
Suh is the dirtiest player in modern history
The Restoration Life
That flaco hit was not that dirty
Kiko Alonso’s wasn’t dirty.
Fuck that son of a bitch Charles Martin and fuck the Green Bay Packers
Raul Salazar
that sproles hit should have been a felony charge for assault!!
QBs being able to slide means they go down well in advance, not 0.25 seconds before the defender commits to the tackle. I've always said a QB should be protected 1 second AFTER the slide and any contact in the first second is his fault for not going down sooner.
The Steelers won their next ten games after Turkey Jones took his cheap shot on Terry Bradshaw.
Dominic Dantonio
Fucking Gronk.....he won't be missed
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10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history! Dirtiest Cheap Shots in NFL Football 1 year ago   13:02

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Here are 10 of the dirtiest plays in NBA history!