How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step DON'T PLASTIDIP YOUR CAR UNTIL 2 months ago   08:55

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How To Plasti Dip Emblems - How To Plasti Dip your emblems / badges 2014 WRX! How To Blackout Car Emblems w/ Plasti Dip!

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thomas duran
For the tooth pick go in the letters while the dip us wet for a crisp finish comes out alot easier too
Chris Behr
Nice job but man, removing the emblems and spraying then reapplying seems like it would take far less time?
kim jong ill
Been thinking of blacking out the SILVERADO and LTZ badges on my truck for awhile, cost about 200$ for the blacked out online for 3 SILVERADO and LTZ badges but I might give this try though for cost wise though
cl_washed 1
NEVER DRY WIPE WITH MICROFIBER LIKE THAT. You'll scratch the shit out of the paint. You need lubrication when you wipe a car.
cl_washed 1
You should put painters tape on that toothpick so you have less chance of scratching the paint.
I always wondered how do plastidip paintwork but not to cover badges.Does anyone have some technique?
Big E
How times change. Chrome used to be king!
Imagine if they messed up at the factory and but spray paint in the plasti dip bottles. Or if your asshole buddy switched the labels
Sam Kennerly
Will this stuff wash off with water when i clean the car? Do i need to keep reapplying it everytime it is washed?
Frank deGroot
They look better removed in my opinion
Take a shot every time this guy says toothpick
Im gonna plasti dip my penis so i dont have to buy condoms anymore
Bushy Baws TBAG
Only 4 years late but PLASTI
daniel bean
Until first time you wash it then it flys off in sheets.
Patty Hays
How does that not pull off the top of the letters?
ramon scott
You can’t make a tutorial and then mess up ...
Why is it the dip does not peel right off the letters ?
Area of Project
whats the best plasti dip to use?
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DON'T PLASTIDIP YOUR CAR UNTIL How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step 2 months ago   05:08

Most of us have had experience using PlastiDip, some better than others. I have used it for wheels, the grill on my car, and the window trim. In my experience, PlastiDip has not held up to the elements here in Michigan on my daily driver.
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