How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step DON'T PLASTIDIP YOUR CAR UNTIL 8 months ago   08:55

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How To Plasti Dip Emblems - How To Plasti Dip your emblems / badges 2014 WRX! How To Blackout Car Emblems w/ Plasti Dip!

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Random Trovian
Eduardo Tarusov
Smoke a cigarette every time he says "kind of".
Great video!
Azn Pitbull23
awesome i’m gonna do this to my 16 wrx ! and so many other things ! thanks i’ve never used it before so simple much better than wrapping or painting ! subbed man
Car badges ALWAYS have polish (not Polish 🤪) buildup that accumulates over many years. I suggest a car wash using the wand sprayer and concentrate spray on the letters before doing one of these projects. This may account for many of the complaints about shrinkage. Usually premature peeling of finished project is due to insufficient prep. Taking extra time preparing the surface is the most important and often overlooked aspect of this type project.
Also, make SURE you mask off a LARGE area surrounding the project and NEVER spray in short close strokes. ALWAYS have the nozzle spraying before and after you pass the target area.
M. Bennett

(Omg someone listened 🤯)
Josh Baker
Tried it on my badges and it came out really bubbly. I sanded and cleaned with white spirit before and they were really smooth before I used plasti dip
Geoffrey Lane
Can you mix vantablack or black 3.0 with this? Great work by the way.
Isabel Griego
I like Subaru it's kinda cool
Fabian Guzman
Will it stay on when u drive through a car wash
Ray Valencia
Nice video. It helped me a lot. I just tried this out on my Lancer and made a video too! Thanks again!
Ryan Johnson
How does it hold up in a car wash?
don't make first time videos !! Your not qualified.
Brave to release a how-to video and not knowing what you’re doing.
Emmanuel Augustin
Daniel H97055
What happens when you go thru the car wash?
Plasti- good video
The spray is black glossy or black matt?
That Subaru is gay as fuck
Nick Martinson
Spray lighter coats ..let it dry between will get a perfectly smooth finish on lettering..
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DON'T PLASTIDIP YOUR CAR UNTIL How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step 8 months ago   05:08

Most of us have had experience using PlastiDip, some better than others. I have used it for wheels, the grill on my car, and the window trim. In my experience, PlastiDip has not held up to the elements here in Michigan on my daily driver.
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