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How To Plasti Dip Emblems/badges On Your Car | Step | Don't Plastidip Your Car Until - At Up-Tube.com

How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step DON'T PLASTIDIP YOUR CAR UNTIL 5 months ago   08:55

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How To Plasti Dip Emblems - How To Plasti Dip your emblems / badges 2014 WRX! How To Blackout Car Emblems w/ Plasti Dip!

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Miguel Morales
Great video, thanks for all of your help
christian bouchard
Please guys stop doing this, they now sell real black lettering and logos online for all brands, it’ll cost you around 10$ and it will look much better plastidip.
Diamond Gaming
I dont understand why you didnt just run a tape along the top of the letters? Like right along the edges on the top.
Diamond Gaming
I recommend 91% rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Cleans very effectively and dries quick.
Copenhagen Wintergreen
bro you talk too much
Elizabeth Miranda
this is awesome and exactly what I needed to see. thank you so much for the vid. I was looking for a way to black out my impreza emblems
where can u buy this plasti dip spray, how much and can u provide a link to buy it.hanks.
Glad I saw this !!! I'm just about to do it to my Subaru, and I was going to remove the badges first and then dip them. Putting them back on would have been a nightmare !!! Never thought of just doing them in place. Thank You !!!!!!
Nimesh Yadav
I have tried dipping HYUNDAI emblems on my rides 3 times each time 6 coats. And there were no bubbles at all. It was in very good finish. But after some month it starts to peel on some parts, looks like some person do it intensionally or its peeling due to washing and cloth rubbing against it.

Can you please tell me how to protect plasti dip from emblems getting peeled.
Eric Shutter
Your coats are way too thick... spray less in 1 go...
Im Fluency
Michael Koo
If I were to do this, when do I need to refresh it. Meaning when will it start to look bad necessitating me to take it off to do it again? Appreciate any help guys
Jimmy Heuangpangna
Why do you sound like Optic Scumpy?
Great video thanks for the tips!
Nice video!
Matt Genge
Ben Smith
Is the plasti on the letters likely to come off easily from just regular ware or weather (rain) .??.??
Christian Thério
Would simple green work to clean?
Louis Low
fuck plasti dip oh my god, whats good for?
George Daws
Good waste of time effort and money
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DON'T PLASTIDIP YOUR CAR UNTIL How To Plasti Dip Emblems/Badges on Your Car | Step 5 months ago   05:08

Most of us have had experience using PlastiDip, some better than others. I have used it for wheels, the grill on my car, and the window trim. In my experience, PlastiDip has not held up to the elements here in Michigan on my daily driver.
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