Speed Skiing - Fastest Men in the World K.L 1984 - Speed Ski Word Cup in les Arcs 5 months ago   03:52

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Head up to the slopes here: http://win.gs/MqRAii

The Origone brothers: the two fastest men in the world on skis share their true passion for speed. With a common goal in their career, and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry the Origone brothers set a high competition level between them.

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Alexander Chen
0:47 lol that helmet on the right
Ray Shanksmith
Tip: watch the video in reverse and turn your screen upside down to watch it in English.

Thank me later
i dont speak dorito
Bodie Miller !!
PapdiinsPap Pap
So red makes them go faster? *40k reference* xD
Gabriele Di Lazzaro
In italiano!
No captions from Red Bull? Too much foreign language
Reversed Clips
im in Vars .. here is held world record 256 km/h ... today i've seen guy going 200km/h and he crashed ... both of his thigh bones broke..
99% of you have never reached 250 kph neither by car...
Gubba Bump
Come on.  Speak American
Ranran Mapa
Yea Yow
Kaito Shiotsu
Roses are red
Violates are blue
This title is in English,
The video should be too
Happy thighs, lol^^
Mark Brand
I'd like to see him stop.
Luke - CSGO & More.
i ski this fast on rollerblades.
Joe D.oreo
lmao you can look like the biggest bad ass skiing or the biggest douche this is hilarious
Well it seems as if everyone could do this... only hindrance might be fear :D
Todd Laughery
Time to call the orthodontist.
Mr. Amayesing
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K.L 1984 - Speed Ski Word Cup in les Arcs Speed Skiing - Fastest Men in the World 5 months ago   12:54

One of the most famous event in the speed skiing history with many world records : Franz Weber, Melissa Dimino (1st girl over 200 kph), Patrick Knaff.
Results : www.speedski-info.com/Results/Event-0004.pdf