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Moana's SECRET Identity REVEALED! ►

The Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer Disney Princess scene sparked a question for me. What QUANTIFIES a Disney Princess? Capital D. Capital P. Depending on where you look, you find a LOT of differing opinions. Today Theorists, I aim to figure out what the rules are to being a TRUE Disney Princess!

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*Andy Mooney,like Andy Money*

*laughs my pants off*
its ya boi chippy
I'm watching this video while making and animation meme
Mateja Ivanov
The mouse is voiced by FootofaFerret
Dazzled One
Alright ladies and gentlemen let me tell you the qualifications to be a Disney princess:
If you are the lead female that is born royal, marry royal, or commit an act of heroism you pass to the next qualifications, you cant be introduced in a trailer and your movie must have high box office success

I’m pretty sure that’s all of them I’ll edit if I find more
*_Is that Steph as Mickey_*
Is he stupid moana is in the princess thing (still love u)
watch super carlin bros, they explain it better, but i still love you mat pat
Matthew Laverde
There are some people who just want to watch the world burn.

**Mickey Mouse walks in**
Ginger Johnston
Even though I always knew that Mulan isn’t really a princess I’ll still say that she’s my favorite princess
KayLee Hankins
They're all Disney princesses even if they aren't trademarked
Amethyst Gacha
Elsa isn’t a princess she is a queen Anna is the princess 😒
Alvin Tam
Poor Kida from Atlantas, you really forget her.
G Robinson
Boils down to Mickey's casting couch
Zorro bert
10:02 I like this
PhilosoShy Representative
Fun facts everyone...
In the original legend of Hua Mulan she didn't cut her hair, she didn't steal her father's armor and sword and horse. Her whole family knew and sent her off with their approval. She never had to be a man in secret, it was a public thing that was a mystery to nobody. She was way less frantic and more straightforward than she was in the movie and in some versions she kills herself at the end because she did her job and she's done and she's tired and wants to sleep... No joke.

Though It IS still like... Hundreds of years traditional to say she instead just settled down with her beloved, of course! We don't have to be 4th century ce grim over here about it xD

Oh ya... And she WAS A NOBLE in the original legend so there's that!
PhilosoShy Representative
So... We know it's late and everything but news flash.... The meteor probably can't still claim the prize... It got blasted to pieces upon landing... And scar couldn't do it himself... Mulan is the only one that could singlehandedly perform all her carnage directly, with conscious thought, by herself... Without being blown to pieces.
And she did this in A SINGLE SHOT!

So proportionately she's definitely getting the position for MOST EFFICIENT killer because the meteor couldn't hold the force of its own blow. Mulan SURVIVED the avalanche. Big Rock didn't survive the fall.
She'll always be Disney's single best killer in our mind, that being said! ^^
Moanas pet sidekick is pua the pig originally instead of hay hay
Londyn Garden
I watch mat so he can crush my hopes and dreams as a kid
Well Maybe one of the qualifications of being a princess is being the main character,i mean just think about it...Usually in a Disney princess movie one of the main characters is the Disney princess even if they aren’t exactly a princess which is only 2 or 1.But at the same time read this website i found called and on top where it says Search Type Disney Princess,and click where it says “Disney Princess”Some where in it should say 5 to 6 things about the qualifications

You might now even see this though cause this is an oldish video.
jonece alce
How about there all 18 teen that’s probably how old they are
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