Film Theory: The Disney Princess Play Fun Animals Wild Life 4 weeks ago   17:03

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The Wreck-It Ralph 2 trailer Disney Princess scene sparked a question for me. What QUANTIFIES a Disney Princess? Capital D. Capital P. Depending on where you look, you find a LOT of differing opinions. Today Theorists, I aim to figure out what the rules are to being a TRUE Disney Princess!

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Arwin Peshipish
When John Smith went to Jamestown Pocahontas was twelve

Jordan Hodges
Moana is a god going by your theory that Maui is her dad. Therefore she can't be a princess
Emils Olesens
Sven is an animal
Alexander Palacio
I wanna buy merch but I'm poor 😔😭
Ariel H.
No one talks about my girl Nala...
Rose Bowen
Pocahontas and Mulan qualify as princesses bc they are minorities and Disney needs that minority vote yo
*Film Theory “ruining my childhood since 2015”*
Hannah is a human
Beast’s a chunk
Brianna Wise
Am I the only one who doesn't consider Moana a princess?
Keri Thompson
Is meg not a princess from Hercules
Mulan is not a princess nor is Moana
rainbow kk
Moana is thar look closer.
rainbow kk
Fred Prekel
To quality as a "Disney princess" you have to follow these rules: as listed by Disney
1. You have to be an animated character in a Disney Movie.

2. You have to be human or human-like.

3. You have to: marry royal, be born royal or do a true act of heroism
4. You cannot be introduced in a sequel

5. You have to be from a Movie that did well at the box office.
Ice Fox
Mat pat how dare you.

YoU foRgOT Da REAl QUeen, EMpeRor KUZCoZ g
springy100 andy
Mat would make a GREAT princess! The princess of questions and theories! 😄😄
A Depressed Potato
*_*Puts on pijamas and holds dog*_*

Wow Disney low
1zzy 2004
I don’t know why but I get so annoyed when Americans say Merida, I say it like Mereda
Dr.Frankenfurter (Rocky Horror Picture Show) is technically a Disney Princess...or would it be prince?
Bells editing
Disney said that these are the true qualifications:
1. must be female lead
2. must be a animated human
3. must preform a act of heroism
4. box office success
the problem with frozen and moana is that they were TOO successful so instead of adding them into the disney princess line, they got their own lines
i dont mean to be rude, im justs stating facts 😌✊😂💖
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