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Taken from JRE #1321 w/Robert Oberst:

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Joe “argh argh argh” Rogan
Gr33n 3ggs
Don't Deadlifts add mad mass??
Shamhara Network TV
He also eats meat
totally true about going hungry. I accepted the conventional wisdom that I needed a solid meal to do anything so I had a big breakfast just before a tennis match. I felt horrible the whole time and played the worst match ever. I played much better on an empty stomach.

Eat to recover, not for fuel.
brvd 831
Damn this mothafucka worked at the catalyst
Taryn Blair
Here after watching the BUGEZ.
But but my PT who did a six week course says they're safe
Zack Schussler
Play D1 football @ Saint Francis, we’ve never deadlifted once in workouts
bee kuczimacklemore
this "guy" is a faggot
Vegans try to debunk Joe check it out:
Protector K9
Big dude : buddy of mine died and I wanted to be the one to take his record away

Joe: remains mute.

Joe ask him how the hell did that guy die
Robert has the blackest sounding voice I've ever heard on a white dude.
Get Jeff Cavalier on to talk about his view on deadlifts
Hans Karps
I'm just waiting for him to tell Joe that he's a wizard.
Stella Blue
Not a weird transition at all if you've ever heard rob zombie's music. Lol he's been doing horror movies all along, just didn't put them to picture at 1st.
The Independent Mind
That dude is rad af. Joe's interviews are usually very interesting or inspirational. Great video man
I've been working out since highschool and I've never attempted a deadlift because it looked very unnatural as an exercise.
Patrick Gardner
I'm guessing Joe Rogan's word of the day is "visceral"
Off Grid Action
''DONT DO DEADLIFTS'' Deadlift's 800+ pounds
caged lion
Deadlift equal dumb the chance of injury is huge. You only need to drop to the knee for results never go all the way to the ground. Drain Yates never went low on deadlifts.
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The Time Will Harris Lived Strongman Robert Oberst Says 2 days ago   20:08

Taken from JRE MMA Show #68 w/Will Harris: