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Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business. He's also the author of books such as "The Happiness Hypothesis" and "The Coddling of the American Mind".

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J Law
Great conversion. I would pose one counter point or question to the discussion on privilege. Spefically, in the nature of the importance of defining terms in philosophy, what is the definition of privilege, or what is your definition. From the example of a woman being less likely to open a door to a male stranger, (I am a female and I also would never open the door to a male stranger) I would not call that male privilege I would call that an advantage that stems from an inherent biological difference. In my opinion, privilege and advantage are similar terms but the important difference is that privilege is something that can be given or taken away while advantage can usually mean something earned or something you are born with. Advantage and privelege are important aspects in the hierarchy of nature as Jordan Peterson talks about. Additionally, I dont think race or gender are things that constitute an advantage or disadvantage over someone else in the world. I think racism and malevolence are the factors that may cause some people to be affected negatively, not a skewed version of privelege or advantage.
George Orwell
Its simple. You have economized everything so hard, that people lost purpose and then gravitate to these tribes of moralism to be part of a higher cause rather than just making money. This applies to all these bubble groups from lqbtqymca to flat earth
58:00 some of the most self-reliant people I know were neglected.
Lars Marius sivertsvik
After 5 minutes Gone...😴😴😒
Amnesiac Angel
The problem with those social surveys measuring explicit racism is that they do not measure the reason for the persons response, they insinuate it. You cannot assume what is going on in someone's mind. They could respond negatively to the idea of a Mexican or any other foreign person moving into their neighborhood for many other reasons besides "racism", no matter what the Leftists want you to think not everything revolves around white people being racist. They could be worried about jobs, economy, culture etc. Racism is viewing someone as lesser than you simply due to the colour of skin or race which is imo an archaic idea that most people do not hold anymore. Concerning free range children; Rogan does not seem to be thinking some of this through when he says, "It depends on which neighborhood." I do not buy that for a second, I find it hard to believe that a child would be more likely to be abducted my a pedo in a low income "bad" neighborhood than a middle class one, if anything my knee jerk reaction is to think the opposite, (let's be real when people say "bad" neighborhoods the first thing they think of is places with a lot of black people and I am pretty sure pedos, for the most part, are white balding short men that sweat a lot) I'd be willing to bet that child abductions happen less in those neighborhoods than in middle class "nice" hoods though I could be wrong. I grew up in Detroit/Buffalo and the communities in the "bad" neighborhoods were always tighter than the suburban coffin I live in now and I wouldn't have had a problem letting my kids play free in the neighborhood.
Carlos Hagen
One of the best interviews I have watched so far 👍🏻⚡️
amirmohammad jahandideh
I can't trust this man
Good Buddy
Please interview Ravi Zacharias.
Ron Marino
The intention is the focus. If the intent is to publish a paper and commit fraud and get famous, then the intent is deception for the purpose of fame, which of course is wrong. BUT if the intent is to expose corruption or flaws in a system, and not become famous, then its not fraud, but an expose and correction of the system to get it back on track, so that pure truth and honest science can be attained.
jonathan haidt is a nutcase, keep him away from your kids!
Matt Roper
glad to see a more sensible perspective on what's happening in universities. Haidt understands that there is a problem but doesn't identify it as an existential threat to freedom like Jordan Peterson does.
The concept of Free Speech has to be upheld: without it, democracy is just a sham.
Don't know how you can down vote this unless you're a fascist, commie or maybe an extreme leftist, but I repeat myself.
Stefan Malic
Set this video to 1.25x
Mayo Rice
50:23 No, we shouldn't be telling kids about a small minority of people in this country that hold certain views, unless you're going to be consistent and tell them about every other small fringe group of people with views that you dislike. Instead, we should be teaching kids "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.", therefore someone calling them a name won't "spoil a social interaction" or whatever. They can just brush it off and move on with their day.
Seb Anarcon Kouba
I'm currently reading one of Haidt's books, which is amazing. I thougth it would be amazing for him to be on the podcast. AMAZING
Sean Webb
My generation (I was born in 1974) and those in social psychology and sociology were concerned about "Latch Key Kids". What was going to happen to all of these children who lived in homes where both parents worked and Mrs. Cleaver wasn't at home to greet The Beaver when he returned home from school? Television became the babysitter.
Folks, another problem here is the people that SHOULD listen to this and open up their brains simply do not.

As example, I sent first 30 minutes of this to a friend/prominent women's studies feminist professor and her response immediately without even giving it a listen was: "These look like two male wonkers. Let me give u something better to read."

Go figure. And THAT'S why polarizacion at all time high. People, even professors whose job is to be objective and read, simply do not. Cause of their social belief in another cause and to conform in their pre existing values
Listened to the first 50 minutes and couldn't agree any more. If u think about it - #MAGA movement vs Social Justice/PC police movement both have one thing in common: Extreme 'screw you I'm right' attitude. Social media has a big role in this... U click aka tribe with those u agree with and when u gather online without a face to face intimacy... You're very courageous to insult, puff up your chest, and say things that really have no evidence cause it don't matter so long as u and 45K people online believe in it. The solution is unknown but it should begin with humility and signing off social media. Both left (Hollywood, metoo, social justice, colleges, etc) and right (maga, Trump, etc) need to chill and press restart button. And Gen-Xers, just STFU please
Aaron Gramza
Brilliant stuff here!
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