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The Cast Remembers: Liam Cunningham | Game Of Thrones Cast In Real - At Up-Tube.com

The Cast Remembers: Liam Cunningham Game of thrones Cast in Real 1 day ago   03:19

Cunningham recalls the weirdest scene he’s ever shot on Game of Thrones, and what’s been most rewarding about working on the series.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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jc brown
Wish this was longer!
Steven Smith
If I was cast in any of the roles, I think it would be Sir Davos
Davos was perhaps my favourite character in the books and I think Liam did a fantastic job bringing the character to life on the screen.
Dan the man
My favorite character on the show!
My favorite character easily, such a nice man, and his relationship with Shireen was really sweet and you could feel his sorrow finding out how she died
Mare ZeSim
so so so sad that it may not be quite so timeless or enjoyed for generations with the ending they gave it
I guess Union Bro goes to Westeros if you fail to kindle the first flame... Long may the sun shine my friend!
"They're almost like a husband and wife"
roderigck el hanzle
"Go! Follow your commander!"
He's Irish, yet he chose a Geordie accent for his character. It's bizarre, but also quite welcome.
Queen RA TV
Yes we will miss this show
Exquisite Elephant
*shireen is the most physically damaged*
Theon, Varys, and Unsullied
Am I a joke to you
Rose Gallardo
Wish they did one of these with Alfie Allen 😭
Billy Rewko
I love davos
Basti Ocean
Dear Liam, there could not have been a better actor to play Ser Davos. I liked the character in the books, but in the series you really played it that authentic and with such a kindness that I hoped Ser Davos will survive. Thanks a lot :)
I love how Davos head twitch when he talks
Ezra Nicole Baiurdujamarchesa
Liam Cunningham's Ser Davos sight makes my Game of Thrones experience a bit safer. He is so fatherly.
Kyerwolf Kappa02
He looks like papanomaly
Her father didn't love her ?! Hilarious
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Game of thrones Cast in Real The Cast Remembers: Liam Cunningham 1 day ago   05:12

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