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The Best & Worst of Croatia.
Visiting Croatia? Here are the five things that tourists will love and hate about visiting Croatia.
I love Croatia. I hate Croatia
Hate #1: Getting there out of season
Hate #2: Traveling Around the Country by Public Transport
Hate #3: Summer Crowds
Hate #4: Summer Heat
Hate #5: Dealing with Exchanging Money
Love #1: The Natural Beauty of Croatia
Love #2: The Beautiful Towns
Love #3: The Food
Love #4: It is affordable
Love # 5: Great tourist infrastructure
Filmed in Rovinj, Croatia
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Comments 1128 Comments

Sandra Vasquez
Actually, we drove from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and it took us 8-9 hours with the stops.
Strange its not much ruins in croatia after the war
Have you visited Slovenia?? It's an awesome country
Vision Z
You complain about tourists lmao, you are a tourist and if you think it’s hot just swim like geez or lose some pounds mate
Beautiful country!!!
Petey Pete
It’s Cro-A-tia not kraysha
Klar Kennt
Croatia is expensive and not worth it. dont talk bullshit.
Ken Deciacco
Don't forget the 100% Deet spray for the mozzies!!! :-)
do you have any tips for hiring a camper van in Croatia? One that we can hire in Zagreb and then drop off in Dubrovnik?
Joe Pusic
rob etheridge
I don’t know what is hard about getting from town to town. I was there for 2 months recently and took the train or bus anywhere I wanted.
Tom Dan
dont eat so much fat,fat american man,ore what ever
You are hilarious! I have to agree with your lists, both of them. :o)
Lele Idk
Ako ste iz hrvatske like
Baz king
Are you sure its his leg.
You miss spell dubrovnik
Itz Demonica
*The only one thing I hate is that I always wait like BILION FREAKIN HOURS ON THE THING WHERE POLICE NEEDS TO SEE YOU'RE PASS THINGY bc im from bosnia and then I became wet and stinky thx a lot sun -.-*
Mrste u tri picke materine nema nista grozno u hrvatskoj
mars S
What a halfwit.
Len Cannings
If you are travelling to Croatia take no notice of this video, go there yourself and find out what a wonderful place it is and take no notice of what this idiot has to say.
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Croatia & Slovenia Travel Skills Visit Croatia: 5 Things You Will 2 days ago   1:10:53

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