Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's Jenny McCarthy talk about 2 days ago   09:20

The Tribeca Film Festival now is celebrating its 15th year and founders, actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal mark the occasion with an interview on TODAY. De Niro, who has an autistic child, comments on the decision to pull the anti-vaccination film “Vaxxed” from this year’s lineup, even though he says, “I think the movie is something that people should see,” and he questions statistics on vaccine-preventable diseases.
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Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's Link To Vaccines | TODAY

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Francois Leveille
If you get vaccinated then there is a chance over 2 million you'll get harmed. If you don't, then there's one chance over 6 you'll die or get permanent consequences if you get the infection. Which one do you think is better ? I like it when DeNiro says 'I'm not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccine." Everybody wants safer but nothing is perfectly risk free.
Leslie Taylor
Injectable Nano-sized Trackers, Vaccines, and Possible 5-G Technology Correlations: Roughly two years ago I watched an online a panel discussion involving engineers and scientists (most of them retired) who were either military personnel or civilians that worked for defense contractors. One mentioned that he worked in a corporate department that developed computer chips designed to be implanted in the bodies of persons who might be abducted (generals, prime ministers, CIA agents, etc.) in order to track their location.
Over the course of his career he went on to work on other defense industry projects in other departments and other corporations. Sometime later he returned to his former department and discovered that the technology had been reduced to micro, nano-sized, trackers [microtransmitters]. He mentioned he observed a box of billions of these tracking devices that was to be shipped to Siemens Corporation in Germany. The implication was that these micro devices were injectable.

With the insidious rolling out of 5-G technologies (beam technology, not ambient waves as is the current technology) everywhere this may be of concern, for the beams emitted by this technology tracks users' devices in their homes, cars, on and in their bodies (computers, smart phones, etc.). This past decade there has been an excessive and relentless push for all individuals to be vaccinated for any number of possible diseases (pneumonia, shingles, measles, chicken pox, the flu, etc.).

I personally can't do this, but perhaps it would be easy enough for a computer science lab to determine if these vaccines contain these microtransmitters.
Alex Herndon
Daniel Balsells
This man is a tool.
John Newbold
Vaccines are unnecessary as intravenous Vitamin C in the dose range 500mg - 700mg per kilogram of body weight kills ALL VIRUSES. Investigate for yourself -
Adorable Deplorable
I seriously hate robert deniro's politics. That being said, i gained a lot of respect for the man after seeing this clip. It makes me think all of his other statements arent his real opinions. An actor being fed lines? nah, that's crazy.
"I'm not a scientist" -Robert DeNiro.

No you aren't. You're a great actor and I love your films, but you do not get an equal voice with those who dedicate their lives to understanding difficult questions like this.

Andrew Wakefield, the author of the 1998 Lancet paper that linked the MMR vaccine with autism intentionally manipulated data to show a connection. He was paid by solicitors who would profit by there being a connection. He intended to introduce his own vaccine to profit off the removal of the MMR vaccine. He is a fraud that, in my opinion, should be jailed.

A follow-up study was published in March 2019 that followed 650,000 children receiving the MMR vaccine ( It again shows there is _no connection_ between receiving the MMR vaccine and autism. I'll remind you there is a strong connection between not receiving the MMR vaccine and the spread of measles, mumps, and rubella.

My internet brothers and sisters, please stop looking to entertainers for your answers; require higher standards for your education. I feel bad that DeNiro's son is autistic just like I feel bad that 1.6% of children are diagnosed on the spectrum. It sounds like a tough challenge, and I'm sure he's struggling to find answers, but he isn't studying this nor is he qualified to.
Rick Oswald
100 percent vaccinations are linked to autism and transhumanism ..wake up
Mo Crotty
Doctors are pushing them earlier and if you want to hold off until the babies are older, they threaten to cut you from their practice. I think there are payoffs going to doctors from the vax companies.
Quick extract from Wikipedia: "The film was directed by discredited anti-vaccine activist Andrew Wakefield, who was struck off the medical register in the United Kingdom in 2010 due to ethical violations related to his fraudulent research into the role of vaccines in autism."
* *
People who need to be shamed for publicly shaming genuinely concerned Mothers on live TV people like Seth Meyers ( Still not sure how he made it "big". Maybe he realised how pathetic he really is and decided to take some kickbacks from whoever (big pharma, vaccine manufacturers?) is making money off the suffering of others.) If Wakefield's career can be destroyed for just saying there may be a connection between autism and certain vaccines that tells me that what's behind the curtain is more grotesque than we realize. People like Jimmy Kimmel actually disappointed me for publicly backing the criminals that are behind this vaccine racket.

Only solution. Mass Revolution tomorrow. Take back this country. From the military to the banks, public health services etcetera. Don't be bought and sold by what they call money. Change the stewardship and laws behind our financial systems and institutions. Help eachother! Turn off your TV and live a little! The lives of others, especially the little ones, depend on it!
Tea Ezra
Some people are predisposed either genetically or otherwise to react adversely. Why don’t we test for this?
Mike Smith
Yes Robert-one size does not fit all.
Mark Lowe
Stop calling autism start calling it brain injury. The use autism as a dismissive whitewash term.
At least he acknowledges that he doesn’t understand the science
nyc mubi photography
The documentary was right after all:
a z
deniro was careful not to say anti vaccine cuz once you said it, the threat of
ostracization was so great... makes one wonder...
a z
yea even actor speak o like there no room for questioning on vaccine...nothinng/no one should be beyond investigation!
LOL. GETTING THE OPINION FROM SOME STUPID FUCKWIT ACTOR. you guys are really pathetic hahahaha. Spreading the cancer of disinfo. You all, are the problem with this country.
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Jenny McCarthy talk about Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's 2 days ago   07:31

Jenny McCarthy drops by for an intimate interview with seasoned TV personality Rick Chambers about how her life has evolved since becoming a mother. From the upcoming release of her eighth book to her successes as an activist for children and parents dealing with autism, Rick and Jenny jovially examine the details of her inspirational message