Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's Autism — what we know (and 3 months ago   09:20

The Tribeca Film Festival now is celebrating its 15th year and founders, actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal mark the occasion with an interview on TODAY. De Niro, who has an autistic child, comments on the decision to pull the anti-vaccination film “Vaxxed” from this year’s lineup, even though he says, “I think the movie is something that people should see,” and he questions statistics on vaccine-preventable diseases.
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Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's Link To Vaccines | TODAY

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Shahaan Singh
Jimmy Fallon debates the Austrian school of economics.
Apples & Oranges
Well Robert, It turns out you really do need a shrink after all. I will never support anther movie you make. Too bad you can not use your fame for more than slander. You humiliate yourself. In your own words, F*** DeNiro
lynette lee
Thank you Robert DeNiro for stepping up and sharing your voice. Omg the Big Pharma is so powerful, it's practically running the world. How can the people behind this be so greedy and thoughtless of what they are doing to mankind. Not only the vaccines of course but all the drugs they are handing out to unsuspecting people , all the side affects they carry. They give relief of one thing and break Down 7-15 others . It's time to wake up people. Question your doctor. Research your odds, try natural health first. The whole country is in trouble here because of the power of big Pharma and the brainwashing of some of the doctors. Who are too busy to question it themselves.
People have gotten to be pretty confused about what consensus means. Consensus doesn't mean correct. It doesn't mean right. It doesn't mean scientific. It just means agreement. There used to be 99% consensus that the Earth was flat
Gibbet Hoskins
Common sense, anyone with half an eye open can see this is not a closed issue
Brian W.
People that think vaccines causes autism are mentally handicapped. Go to med school, you trolls...
Richard Kennedy
You talking to me?
Custis Long
Somebody punch DeNiro in the f’n face!
Janelle Thompson
Yes I absolutely believe there is a link between vaccines and autism. My son is autistic (changed within a week of his MMR vaccine), he has seen remarkable improvements after using homeopathic remedies to clear the MMR from his system- if the MMR vaccine had nothing to do with his autism why does he display significant improvement after taking these remedies??? Parental anecdotes count for something
Treasure Trovel
Mr. de Niros, Thanks for trying to get the message out. Information should not be censored by the government but that is exactly what is happening about the possible risks of vaccines. Vaccines can cause a catastrophic inflammatory response in a child (especially the booster (follow up one) of a concentrated adjuvent/concentrated multivalent antigen. Parents have noted that their normal baby or toddler was not autistic but had a bad reaction to a vaccine with a high fever, a high pitched scream and possibly micro seizures. The parents were told to just give their child Tylenol and not to worry. However, it is a medical fact that febrile seizures or any other type f seizures cause brain damage. The extent of the damage depends on the number and intensity of the seizures. A vaccinated child could have a lot of brain swelling and seizures in the night and the parents might not even know. Depending on what neurons are developing in what area of the brain in the growing child and the immune reaction, it is a very logical thought that there could be damage. It has not been proved that vaccines in general do not cause any brain damage. Even if thimerosol has been cleared as causing brain damage, the inflammatory reaction has not been cleared for all vaccines, combinations of multiple vaccines, etc. The parents are being ignored and their observations have been left out of the statistics. De Niro is correct in saying that we need to look at this and not let the government and pharma shut down the media (movies, news stories, etc.). There is a strong correlation in the rise of autism and the increased number of big vaccines being given to younger and younger babies. There is also a strong correlation in parents reporting their child have a high fever and high pitched screaming right after a vaccine and continuing into the night. The high pitched screaming might be caused by severe headache pain because of brain inflammation in response to the excessive systemic inflammation following a vaccine. Of course, the baby can't tell the parent of doctor that they are in pain. These symptoms are just considered a "normal" side effect of a vaccine and tylenol is given. No MRI or any other tests as far as I know. This is bad medical practice and I believe the parents.
What are the stats for the rates of autism in other countries as more and more vaccines are introduced? Don't believe doctors who say not to worry because there is no data that indicates a correlation between vaccine and autism-- There is no data because the AMA and big Pharma strategically make sure that the data is not collected-- Not obtaining the data is not the same thing as having data that actually indicates there is not a link.
Laura Bean
Gotta love De Niro ! Way to stand up for safety!
Kinash Real Estate Group
De Niro, thank you for being open and highlighting the need for everyone to be more informed in the vaccine issue. Safety for both children and adults.
Cat Car
there is NOT consensus in the scientific community. There is propaganda. Hundreds of resorts show the dangers of vaccinations. News reporters serve not as investigators and reporters, but propaganda spreaders.
Carolee Merrill
Robert Deniro is a pedophile and a liar. Looking forward to his arrest!
I would not take medical advice from an actor. It’s a fact that children born of older fathers have a greater chance of being autistic.
nina simone
interesting that he is so against trump yet trump did say exact same thing about vaccines as de niro. just the fact that media creates hysteria about spreading diseases and connection with non vaccinated people, seriously? but not connecting the cases where the damage was done after taking vaccines ? and why the people that want to get to the bottom of it all and find the truth are always shut down, wouldn’t you want to know if something putting in your body will make you feel even worse ? how stupid do you have to be ? also you have to realize for big pharma billion dollar companies vaccines are the major source of income and that means all the companies and doctors depending on it. alcohol is perfectly fine to sell to adults but at least they made it illegal to sell to minors. just use your brains and make up your opinions, do your research and dont get brainwashed by mainstream media, people.
Letta Mego
I really like De Niro and all the movie stars that are intelligent enough to use logic and to try to educate the population... Too bad the first movie star to become president was that shill, Reagan... He gave movies stars a bad name..
Gemmz Obrien
Vaccines contain heavy metals, heavy metals cause inflammation in the body, autism now linked to inflammation in the body ,bingo there's your direct link ! Babies immune system are dormant until around 2 years of age , heavy metals in vaccines for newborns n toddlers are to get the immune system to react to the vaccine! Causing inflammation causing autism, my son changed within days !
Tornado Of Souls
After watching this, De Niro can almost be forgiven for his 24/7 TDS
Jaime Bejune
DO NOT take any vaccinations. This is the standard deceptive way you are given the establishments biological warfare infections. ~Dr William Kelly
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