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Robert Deniro Debates Autism's | Autism — What We Know (And - At Up-Tube.com

Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's Autism — what we know (and 1 day ago   09:20

The Tribeca Film Festival now is celebrating its 15th year and founders, actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal mark the occasion with an interview on TODAY. De Niro, who has an autistic child, comments on the decision to pull the anti-vaccination film “Vaxxed” from this year’s lineup, even though he says, “I think the movie is something that people should see,” and he questions statistics on vaccine-preventable diseases.
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Robert DeNiro Debates Autism's Link To Vaccines | TODAY

Comments 2902 Comments

yorke wallace
people who put their lives and family in the hands of government and so called authority without even questioning have no fckn testicles they contaminate the downfall of humanity..
Michael Lucas
The cause of autism has been discovered. It is a contagious disease and children catch it from their pediatrician.
Ants Bull
The thing with autism is that it is either caused by bad genes passed on from the parents or by a pre-natal infection. Thats it. Its been proven over and over that vaccines aren't related and that Wakefield made up his data.
Too bad Deniro has been threatened and wussed out and is now in compliance with the left along with Jim Carrie and others. He needs to Man up, get off the anti-Trump band wagon and use his position to do something.
RaRa Rodrigo
Let’s hope he doesn’t end up on the Doctors show like Jenny McCarthy, Travis will tare him up with out any evidence.
Ed Mauro
The thing to consider is that if these ingredients ,(the heavy metals, formaldehyde’s) were in your environment, food supply or water supply ) they would have hazmat personnel over in a hurry to keep you safe . Apparently it’s ok and not harmful to inject directly into your bloodstream .
Metals are conductors and your body signals work off electrical impulses from your brain . These impulses get rerouted when they encounter heavy metals . It’s like wiring in your house . So , the signals never reach the part of the body it was intended for .
Also , for all of you doctors out there , tell me now how healthy it is for embalming fluid to be circulating in a live body . If I were to assemble a vile with a supposed dead strain of a virus , combine it with toxic heavy metals and formaldehyde and invited you to my basement for your “healthy dose” would you do it ? It’s absolute insanity to believe this could be good for you . The properties of these substances don’t change Just because a white coat administers it or I do . Think about what this stuff is , instead of just being a robot and following what your predecessors told you .
Robert Brown
Doctor DeNiro. Honorary doctorate from acting experience.
Gordon Eatman
Di Niro definitely right . Lot of energy keeping people from questioning current vaccines.
sista love
Robert De Niro is absolutely right. He's ridiculous, uneducated NBC News hacks repeat the propaganda that the vaccine hesitant have caused increasing numbers of infections. This is complete utter nonsense. The US has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and our children are more sick than ever. If vaccines truly worked then those that are vaccinated would have nothing to fear. Remember, most of the vaccinations today are for infections most people survive, and that were on a steep decline already due to sanitation.
Chantal Smith
Y’all stupid
The cell line they use in the vaccines is all from one mentally ill autistic lady from 78. They are causing the autism in people. The way to prove it is give all them vaccines to healthy adults all at once in the same body mass ratio to vaccine as the child gets. I took all them shots as a healthy adult and got autism and severely sick.
outmazirt outma
there are many types of autisms, from mild to sever, it's a spectrum What people dont realise is that DeNiro himself is autistic, mild autism that makes him shy but a genius in what he does, actin that is... Anther example is Messi the soccer player, mild autism that makes him a genius...
Truth Hour: Healthcare EXPOSED!
The safety realms in Healthcare have eroded. There are vaccinations where the safety-quality of the vaccination decreases depending on your insurance!! Just Unbelievable! Healthcare doesn’t want You to know the truth. Remember, my Motto Verify & Trust!!! S.R. Ridley, A Nurse You Can Trust
Margaret K
Robert de Niro thanks for them, parents from Poland in Europe! Our government are blind about this problem with vaccine.
Memory Warrior
Curious why when De Niro speaks against Trump it's played wall to wall on the media, but when he talks against vaccines there is almost no coverage.
Join The Progress
Remove the fake on-air TV politeness and here's what we're witnessing: The two on the left representing a network pushing the pro-vax agenda at all costs with every rote excuse available, versus the open-minded, asking-questions victims on the right demanding answers that do NOT exist, be found. CHEERS ROBERT!!!
Goshka Brainard
And you know what ??? We should have our choice. Cleveland Clinic, Metro Hospital etc...they made a mandatory to get their employees vaccinated every year...People being scared of loosing their job are doing it...Those are adults Many don't want it...Many are getting sick after We should have choices. The doctors...I know them...They don't get vaccinated and many don't vaccinate their children...some are looking for a different safer options....We are working for somebody...we don't belong to somebody. The employer don't own us!!! People we have the rights and our choices should be free
Goshka Brainard
Safe vaccines You got that right Robert... Agree They are going into a child body Slowly do the bad job...The additive ingredients...So we cannot recognize what is going on right away...There is not going to be proof after few years. Body is not getting very sick from chemicals Even a small amount of arsenic is affecting us little by little...If we get a lot...we die right away. Small dose of mercury...is not killing us right away. huge amount is making one insane right away. Accumulation little by little does the nasty job over the time Be aware. We don't need those additives than why are they there. There is a lot of suffering those who are affected directly...and indirectly (families,friends) . https://up-tube.com/upvideo/4xvHtWNkNM0&sopyvq=VjNE3hss3PUVOE07Ssn3N- wUF06OiZXWh86NpuQ9iiuOC3IUUl60lqN3qPFlo https://up-tube.com/upvideo/PwTfC3cSY-Z
Placebo has cured all diseases, including stage four cancers. If the doctors cannot explain why placebo works, then they cannot understand why medicine works also. If there is a correlation between A and B, then that does not mean A is the cause of B. For two billion people and for 500 years the data proved that the earth was the center of the universe. But Galileo proved it otherwise.
Interesting comments. Here is "the truth". People need to see movies to get what is readily available.

Here are the freely available results of all the studies. Why not read them first hand?


1) Vaccines are given early on. The onset of autism being noticeable is at those same times. This is confounding, not causality. Go to pubmed. Read the studies

2) Most people don't understand basic statistics or science. Hence the conspiracies

3) People in the medical community and big pharam (PhDs, MDs, etc) get their kids vaccinated. If it was not safe, they wouldn't do that.

My mom had breast cancer. My dad was a physician (Pathologist). She took conventional treatment and lasted 30 years. Without it she would have died. Her brother had a similar condition didn't take anything and was gone in 6 months when I was 18. If these things were not our best answers people who work in medicine or make medical products wouldn't subject their families to them. Check out less developed nations and what they die from. We don't need to go back in time to see what lack of developed medicine does. We simply need to examine what is happening around the globe.
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