NOFX - Wolves In Wolves' Clothing NOFX - Backstage Passport Soundtrack 11 months ago   35:09

I noticed that this album was probably the only one by NOFX that wasn't on Youtube... so I uploaded it. Enjoy!
I do not own the rights of this album.

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Tracklist :
1) 60% (00:00)
2) USA-holes (02:25)
3) Seeing Souble At The Triple Rock (04:39)
4) We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drums (06:49)
5) The Marxist Brothers (09:27)
6) The Man I Killed (12:11)
7) Benny Got Blowed Up (13:30)
8) Leaving Jesusland (14:35)
9) Getting High On The Down Low (17:29)
10) Cool and Unusual Punishment (18:43)
11) Wolves In Wolves' Clothing (20:49)
12) Cantado En Espanol (22:46)
13) 100 Times Fuckeder (24:13)
14) Instant Crassic (26:10)
15) You Will Lose Faith (26:45)
16) One Celled Creature (29:17)
17) Doornails (30:49)
18) 60% (Reprise) (33:04)

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Emiliano Dean
FAT MIKE's Favorite Album !!!
Ricky Thurman
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Ricky Thurman
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Ricky Thurman
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John Suttle
All you know is thier money. You don't even care about wellbeing. Im dropping truth bombs to teach the abandoned youth. Burn the world down. We can have a toast to Armageddon and a Joint for the punks who didn't make it. A big finger to the super rich. I hope they od in a fuckn ditch. Your White America is Amera Dust.
Gian-Luca Nardini
Trump 2020! :D
Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër
I like NOFX & their discography but I fucking hate white trash! I feel so sorry for those guys!
Mike Dow
I got into NOFX in about 92 I'd say. White trash era... I went back and got the older stuff ( longest line, ribbed, s and m airlines etc..) I don't care for the stuff before longest line too much. When I read their book, Which is amazing, I liked how Mike said Bad Religion's Suffer changed everything. That explains a lot! I've enjoyed all of their albums. Some more than others. This and Ribbed being my favorites. Mike's lyrics and song titlles are flat out amazing, clever, funny, and a little scary, as they should be! Both Backstage Passport's were great and Home street home was so, so good. I hope I get to see it live someday ( Cleveland?) NOFX are an important band that did it on their own and I will always be a fan. A bald, tubby, 47 yr old fan, but a fan none the less. Thanks guys. You truly ( punk) rock☠️ smelly, I've got a few yrs clean under my belt myself. You have been an inspiration. I would have snorted the green shit, I know it...
Dave West
prudence fitzenstein
This has to be the most underated nofx album there is, it's literally like top 3 next to drublic and errorism and I feel like most people don't even know it exist. I'd blame the artwork
I DO like extreme metal, but sometimes I think there's more energy in songs like these.
Matt Johns
Not their besr,but ok album
Pedro Capelossi
Thanks for uploading!
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NOFX - Backstage Passport Soundtrack NOFX - Wolves In Wolves' Clothing 11 months ago   34:01

1. Backstage Passport
2: No Fun In Fundamentalism
3: Insulted By Germans (Again)
4: All My Friends In New York
5: You Will Lose Faith
6: Teenage Punching Bag
7: Leaving Jesusland (Live)
8: The Greatest Country In the World
9: Last Night Was Really Fun?
10: We’re Bros
11: Your Hubcaps Cost More Than My Car
12: Fan Mail
13: Arming the Proletariat With Potato Guns
14: I, Melvin
15: Punk Rock Passport