Our First Vacation Abroad Together: [국제커플] 커플파자마 완성! Милые 2 days ago   07:47

rachel rose diary
This first vlog documents our day of travel and first night in Taipei. Consider it a preview or trailer for the two day trip vlogs coming soon!

Being an international couple, and former long distance couple, it felt very symbolic to finally be able to sit next to each other on a plane - both leaving from, and arriving to, the same destination. As mentioned, this is our first major vacation together, our first time abroad together, and our first time being foreigners together! This trip was Andy's joint anniversary and birthday gift to me, and I couldn't have been happier.

Hope you enjoy this preview and our first night in Taipei!


For those who are new, my boyfriend Andy is Korean, and I am American. We met in 2016 while I was studying abroad in Seoul at Ewha Womans University, then embarked on a 2 year long distance relationship journey! We were reunited permanently in August 2018, and officially moved in together February 2019!

We are here to humbly share our lives with others - we hope you enjoy the journey 💕

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Make time to meet a new culture - whether through travel, TV, a book, or your own neighborhood!
- rachel

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[국제커플] 커플파자마 완성! Милые Our First Vacation Abroad Together: 2 days ago   09:41