Meek Mill - What's Free DJ Khaled - I Got the Keys ft. Jay-Z, Future 9 months ago   06:03

Meek Mill
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Foxy King
i like that zombie apocalypse sound effect that like BUUUUM BUUM BUUM...
jonathan cromartie
I Know I gotta die one day but damn man why Hov gotta go too SMH. He need to stay and help these future generations...Music without hov😥
P Scotty85
If this is the Free Meek Amazon guy, this song is trash, keep him in jail for sucking ass
Wind Walker
Concentrate on building an Army. The truth is coming forth like a flood that cant harm me.
Sokheng Sien
Why they ruin this beautiful Beat, the original from Biggie is million times better than thiz. Don't touch a Masterpiece
Blaine Houston
Jay killed it....Ross smoked it also!!!
Peter Omeke
whats beef - biggie small original song💯👑🇺🇸
Michael Jordan
At least Put this on the next 007 movie soundtrack if y’all wanna go that way
wesley joseph
i feel meek pain meek is a beast!!!!!!
Luis Tavares
You see that this generation is full of dumb when this song has only this amount of views
Ny Jax
Jay-z U obviously dey Slave Look NFL Owner let U snake your ppl for a spot in Managing Halftime Show Fukin 🤡
Robert Vega
You got to be the realest to get hov on ya track 💯
cequan mcquinn
Kenny Moore
Disgusted with Jay Z!
Now knowing Meeks story he was never free
OGA Pata Pata
Sorue Poscendo
The ending gives me chills... some kyser soze shit !!! 💯💯💯 y'all gon understand what hov doing 5 yrs from now 💯💯
We got the whole world
Rick, Meek, Jay .
the Holy Trinity.🔥🔥🔥
Wisam Abbadi
I just got out
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DJ Khaled - I Got the Keys ft. Jay-Z, Future Meek Mill - What's Free 9 months ago   04:09

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