My Perspective: A Day At UMBC University of Maryland Campus Tour 2 days ago   02:53

From sunrise to sunset, UMBC hums with activity. Students shift from class, research and creative endeavors to sporting events, festivals and concerts. They work together everyday to build a vibrant and dynamic campus community. Just like there is no typical day at UMBC, there is no typical UMBC student. This video, which captures our lively campus from dawn until well after dusk, was created entirely by Tolu Omokehinde, a Meyerhoff Scholar and Biochemistry major with a passion for time lapse photography. His ability to follow his creative passion allowed him capture his perspective from the roof tops of UMBC.

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Wow! Its really change from when I was enrolled there , Spring 1999. When I was about to leave they finish the new student center and we played pool everyday. Sigh..memories.
Ahmed Zaki Abd Rady
I miss you Maryland and l will visit you again after my retirement
Farhan Nadeem
True Simmer
I hate how everyone is Cracking on Baltimore....Its not that bad of a place to live in certain areas and just like EVERYWHERE we do have crime but still Judgmental much?????
The campus looks so beautiful at night.
Planning on transferring there soon. A lot of people say to me "don't go there. There's no parties. Sports suck and yada yada..." well call me old fashioned but I don't go to college for the parties and craziness. I go to pursue an education. All that I have read about UMBC academically looks very promising. It's one of the best universities in the country for undergrad studies. So yeah, I think anyone would love this college, if you're attending college for the right reasons. :) 
Matthew Dodge
Not a fan of the school, lack of people on the weekends
Eve Yitagesu
This is beautiful! who knew my school was this nice.
emileo michaels
but its in know wat i mean!!!
Sean Foley
No footage of the weekends 
Luke Souders
It's crazy how something really boring can actually become interesting if you add inspiring music
Michael Brown
If they did this video on UMBC in the Summer, it would be a pretty quiet place.
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University of Maryland Campus Tour My Perspective: A Day At UMBC 2 days ago   08:29

Campus tour of the University of Maryland located in College Park, Maryland. Fairly big campus with tons of matching buildings. The campus buildings are noted for the red-brick Georgian style with white columns. Has a nice large central lawn quad area, the McKeldin Mall. WATCH IN HD.

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