McClure Twins Family: What Low Inflation Haunts the Fed: Here's 4 months ago   06:23

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Ami and Justin McClure run a popular family YouTube channel that features their twin daughters, Alexis and Ava, and their infant son, Jersey. WSJ’s Julie Jargon visits the McClures at their home in New Jersey to learn about the challenges of parenting while vlogging.

Photo Illustration: Alexander Hotz/The Wall Street Journal.

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i love them so cute
Alain M
The father has a marketing talent
Earthelena Garrett
I like the family
Lovely Rose
What a horrible piece Julie Jargon. This whole piece was focused and meant to put the McClure's in a negative light. I would bet that you and many others can't wait till there's a tragedy with this lovely family. The not so hidden jealousy and envy amongst many of you is mind-boggling to say the least.
Eric Perry
Hair hat Ami
Collaboration for a Greener World
Thank you for interviewing this special and beautiful family.
Failed comedian saw an opportunity to still be in show businesses.
Never heard of them. I wish them well.
Cynthia Lieberman
I find this family's content to be authentic and represent a positive lifestyle brand of influencers. It isn't just about the money for them, as many of their Discovery Twins Facebook shows focus on Social Good, like the one where the family Twins discover empathy for an autistic child. [see the story and video here]
Cynthia Tademy
And you are doing a GREAT job! I love the McClure Family... Let the haters hate...this is a Happy Family!
Thomas Wepfer
americans are dumb
What a waste of time....all of this including this story...Quit their jobs to milk out the kids for their 15 mins....get those resumes in order!
G.G. Reilly
Watching peoples lives is only good for the train wreck FYI.....
Ryan Fisher
I liked it
Wili Wds
Gay journalists Andy Ngo gets VIOLENTLY ATTACKED BY ANTIFA
Nashe TV Entertainment
Please subscribe to my channel 🙏
George Costarica
Where is Troy? Troy McLure
Not A Happy Camper
They're cute as frick 😂🖤
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Low Inflation Haunts the Fed: Here's McClure Twins Family: What 4 months ago   05:36

Inflation is among the most powerful forces in financial markets. It dictates the supply of money in the economy, and changes interest rates, which are the cost of borrowing money. Here's how it works, and how the Fed works to regulate it.

Photo composite: Dom Amatore for The Wall Street Journal

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