7 Tips To Beat Exam Anxiety Do Fidget Spinners Actually Work? 5 months ago   04:37

Greg and Mitch
Some tips to end your exam anxiety!
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Written by Amanda Edward, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

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Namita Sharma
Kiersten P
Literally my flight of fight response got so back I just like.. gave up. I still finished ofc, but it freaked me out when I couldn’t get the hardest question on the test
Becky McNaughton
Everyone needs a negative Nancy in their life 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 that’s me 🙋🏽‍♀️. People always say that you need to cut the negative people out of your life. NOONONO NO! You should help the negative people in your life to be positive. Because otherwise if you get the negative people out and I’ll just become more negative. And you’re giving the negative person to someone else😢 and then your negative Nancy gets depression. So are always remember, TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEGATIVE NANCY, HELP YOUR NEGATIVE NANCY TO BE POSITIVE, without hurting their feelings by saying that they’re negative or else I’ll just become more negative because their feelings will be hurt 😞. Can anyone relate or am I just really not OK? Let’s say something positive....? Love the vid?
Oml that’s me I vomit before every exams
Everytime I'm doing an exam or even studying, I can't seem to focus. idk what it is but I just start thinking about other things. and it takes me longer to learn and the worst thing about this is during state tests that dont actually affect my grades, I just guess because I get bored and wanna think about shit without doing questions, but on actual tests I just sit there and try and stop and answer. math is horrible for me
Alice MBB
I just feel so sad cuz I didn't do good at my last exam ;(
Aisha Bhat
1:52 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chante Fraser
Have 13 exams
Slayer ْ
I have an exam tomorrow and U can't sleep 😭
KJplayz 21
I have exams for the next 2 weeks
Wish me luck pls
s k 8 t e r - g i r l
I have 14 exams this week oh my god
Willows Meadow
I have finals, I had my first one today, which went great. Tomorrow...? Arabic..
Bts long lost shoes
Can u wish me good like for my exams thank u ❤
Kiara Sheldon
I am absolutely broke.. 😣
I cannot control my anxiety in exams.. At all... Even if my preparation is 100%.
I'm very good at getting all As in my mocks.. But when I'm in the actual exam hall, something really bad hits me hard and I'm stuck and nothing that I have prepared throughout the entire year comes in my mind..
This causes all the other students in my class who were never bright to be ahead of me..!
Its literally almost the end of my CIEs and everything that I just described happened each and every day..what am I actually going through that I can never overcome?
Please help!!
Worse thing ever happend to me was they ask me what a slave was and i didnt answer 100% correct and i Got a 7
My Queen,
Sometimes i think that it would be better for me to be a lil nervous for an exam rather than feeling absolutely nothing. I'm so relaxed its concerning
mm. mm
Have 11 exams this and next week. I really need help physically mentally and socially too
Rainbow Ryan
In tests I get nervous while marking it not while during the test
uwu indeed
i have slept 5 hours, i guess i’ll be fine.
uwu indeed
my whole week is filled with exams. 3 a day. i’m not even kidding. i think i’m gonna faint.
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Do Fidget Spinners Actually Work? 7 Tips To Beat Exam Anxiety 5 months ago   04:29

Can fidget spinners help you focus?
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Written by Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit

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