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What Shutting Down Your | How To Apply And Succeed At Y Combinator By Dalton - At Up-Tube.com

What Shutting Down Your How to Apply and Succeed at Y Combinator by Dalton 2 days ago   52:29

Y Combinator
Avni Patel Thompson founded Poppy, which helped parents book the best caregivers. They went through the YC Winter 2016 batch and recently shut down. Avni asked to come on the podcast to talk about what the process of shutting down was like.


Kat Manalac is a partner at YC.


The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.




00:05 - Kat’s intro

00:45 - Avni’s intro

1:45 - When did it become clear that scaling Poppy wasn’t working?

5:20 - Experiments Avni tried with Poppy

9:25 - The last six months of runway

12:55 - Choosing to shut Poppy down

16:55 - Pivot or shut down?

19:40 - Who did Avni have these hard conversations with?

24:05 - Communicating with investors during the process of shutting down

30:50 - How does Avni feel since shutting down Poppy?

38:00 - Tying self-worth to your accomplishments and how it feels after shutting down

39:00 - “This is what trying looks like.”

43:30 - The effects of having raised money

45:30 - Starting to think about what’s next

48:30 - Struggling with unstructured nothing

49:15 - Kindness

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why those bottles seems like they are stuck between the two dimensions?
Krishna’s Optimistic Life
I’m so worried when I see start up is shutting down like this I have seen her success story in Women conference that motivates me to start own company. I feel very sad about this now
Gregory Osberg
You believe in transparency, Avni? I was a caregiver for poppy for over a year and I found out with one days notice that I was out of a job that I used to help supplement me living in one of the most expensive cities in the country. Families were given one days notice that the platform would shutdown.

Also, you shut down commenting on your Facebook posts surrounding the decision you made, locked us out of our caregiver Facebook group and basically shut us all out the day you made the announcement when we expressed that we were angry we were losing our jobs. Also, the holidays is a really difficult time for a lot of us to loss our jobs. I'm glad you got to take time for yourself, but you left us all scrambling for a job around the holidays. We didn't all have three weeks to spend with our family. I hope you understand the folks who were hurt by the way this all happened.

I'm sure this was a difficult decision and this interview definitely helped me understand your perspective around the shutdown, but you were not transparent with us as caregivers. Let's not pretend like you were.

Poppy was a wonderful idea, and caregivers and parents felt the brunt of this shutdown. If you are watching this, go back and think about how often we were actually mentioned in this.
O God, she worked on her startup instead of being with her 4-month old baby. Grrrrrreat mom.
getting acquired was "an admirable option"? she tried to offload the failure to someone who would "ride in and give them money".
when did she stop? when she ran out of investor's money lol. until then... experiments ;)
crowdsourcing babysitting. brilliant. not like it's a trust-based business or anything.
she said she made $2M last 3 years like it was some kind of a heroic accomplishment lol. these people are spoiled with capital.
yeah, I'm sure she was less than optimistic when pitching and she communicated all those doubts well to the investors. still bsing.
Gilbert Mpanga
Hardest topic to talk about. Wish people would put out more content like this. Some of us died silently
Michael Vescovo
The title is incorrect. It's what shutting down their startup felt like. I don't even have a startup!
there ought to be an entire podcast dedicated to failed startups...
Shubham Jain
The last couple of minutes contain one of the most valuable lessons.
Clint LeClair
Thank you for putting this in the world. There's soooo much more we could learn from endings than a start. Though, I must say, this seems more of the end of a chapter than a story;) Also from YCombinator about shutting down: https://blog.ycombinator.com/shutting-down/
Ok but didn't explain what exactly the legal and accounting processes were....
Codie Petersen
Thanks for sharing. It helps us all know a bit more on the struggles ahead. Much appreciated. Best of luck.
azel north
Spectacular interview by Anvi. Great poise talking about her experiences.
Ian Tang
Hi guys! will be amazing if you guys upload onto spotify as well :)
Benerd Momanyi
Thank you for explaining the complexities of shutting down a business which you saw off the ground.It can be incredibly difficult and challenging to define the next steps for your team and personal life after these things happen.We looking forward to the next thing that you work on.
Frank Denbow
so thoughtful, great interview!
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How to Apply and Succeed at Y Combinator by Dalton What Shutting Down Your 2 days ago   44:05

YC Partner Dalton Caldwell gives insight into how YC admissions works and what makes for a successful YC experience.

Clarification on the application video: Founders can splice together a video if they're not all in the same place; you do not need to be in same place to do the video.

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