Mike O'Hearn Video Interview MIKE O'HEARN & RICH PIANA 2 days ago   13:50

Body Fortress Athlete Mike O'Hearn Interview by Frank Sepe at the 2015 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro.

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The Underdog
I had THE biggest crushes in these two handsome guys in the 90s!!! Frank and Mike were the FINEST bodybuilders back then, and look exACTLY the same now! Thank you for sharing this video! Job VERY well done!!😁😁
Anderson C
Trains at 4 am. Means he needs to be up at 3. Which means he's in bed by 8 pm?? 7 pm?? Where does he live in an area with old folks??? How is it he's able to get that much sleep and even sleep that long??
notgrillo collector/ gamer
I always thought Mike was gay, I was wrong. But I think 80% of B B s are gay
Master T New Age Bodybuilding
Mike looks small! Mike you should take roids dude get big your small!!
10.20 all those lifts and he is totally drug free, TOTALLY.
6:12 skeletons in the closet, did i stutter motherfucker
Wigged out brah
Touch of the Zoolanders bout this.
Kay Trout
Mike is and has been someone who motivates me to kill it daily
I feel bad for mike! He is actually a really nice guy it's not his fault he looks like an asshole but he is humble& a cool guy . I guess it's natural to hate the guy because he has the whole package-> looks,muscles, charisma&strong as hell. And to top it all he calls himself a Titan and actually looks like one& the guy is 46. He is the epitome of the physique every guy wants to have but can't have so its just easier to hate on him for being lucky and blessed with amazing genetics.
So much hate for this guy. He seems sound and looks great. Even more so, given his age.

You can take all the roids in the world, you still need to train hard, eat right and have good genes.
Alex Z
Roid traps.
Ricardo Sager
11:20 Let's not exaggerate! It's not true that "it has nothing to do with it"... You will never gain muscle without gaining strength, or gain strength without gaining muscle, they (muscle and strength) just are not directly proportional to each other!

P.S. It's hard to me to explain in a better way in english, please try to interpret it rightly.
Phil L.
man this guy has so much love for himself
Rampage Clover
Frank Sepe was a fucking animal back in the day...
Thomas demartino
sepe actually had a stroke in 99 .thats what roids do
Dark Forest
Very good
255 at 20 that sounds natty doesn't it ? Still a great physique no matter what.
Super Sane Steven
Awakened Won
Hey Mike, tell those losers to stop spiking their protein powder.
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MIKE O'HEARN & RICH PIANA Mike O'Hearn Video Interview 2 days ago   12:40


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