Simone Rocha Spring-summer 2019 Prophetic Word, "On Time," October 2 days ago   05:00

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Simone Rocha Spring-summer 2019 London fashion week

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Halil Cakir
Блин че они на такую херню ткани переводят. Нельзя загрязнять планету таким мусором. When you waste fabric on these please think if that was worth to pollute our planet more than it needed
Mirella B.
Halil Cakir
Sergey Tovkusha
Wooow, WFC!!! There are no a words. Я просто онемела.
1.21 , 1.46 , 2.19 , 3.14 !!! 👍👏👏💥🔷🏹. Merci за ошеломительный перфоманс!!!
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Prophetic Word, "On Time," October Simone Rocha Spring-summer 2019 2 days ago   29:34

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