Top 50 El Clasico Goals (2000-2018) NFL "1 in a Million" Plays (Rare/Lucky Plays) 5 months ago   10:17

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The Gullers
There is no point of watching the el Classico’s feinte August till ever because ronaldo has left Real Madrid and there is no opponent, NOW THINKING BOUT BARCELONA HAVE ALREADY HAD GAMES LIKE 5 TO 0 and 2 TO 0
la_june _15
I like barca player more...
bobby charlton
Great goals in big games equals great players
It's not a coincedenc that 95% of these players have established themselves as football legends
kanakkanti mandal
Just barca and Madrid player goals 🙌
benzema is king in el clasico dd
Can we get 1 billion subscribers Without video
When El Classico Was El Classico
Магомед Магомедов
Голы Роналду и Асенсио на 38 и 44 местах? Вы серьезно?????
william Rojas
That Alexis goal 🔥🇨🇱
Lol, 90% are Barcelona goals.
thành vlog
Аида Ибраимова
Самы е лучшие голы Реал мадрида
Babu Raj
King leo 8 goals highest in elclassico
ram fat
3:00 the goal from henry wasn't a amazing goal!?!?
1,000 subs no vids
Why is everyone from Real Madrid like look
Ronaldo Roberto Carlos
Van Nistelroy (idk)
Camila Reyes
2 y 9 💥💥
Deimy Duerto
Faltó el de Ronaldo en el 2006 cuando dejó a todo el mundo botado en el camino y mota se desgarró un músculo tratando de alcanzarlo y le hizo sombrerito al portero, para mi ese fue el mejor gol de todos
sultan gendra gatot
Ronaldo is the best
J Bart
R9, Cr7, Robert Carlos, Zidane, Beckham, Ramos & Pepe

Bhargab Pratim Borah
That ronaldinho to xavi goal.. just wow
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NFL "1 in a Million" Plays (Rare/Lucky Plays) Top 50 El Clasico Goals (2000-2018) 5 months ago   13:15

There have been 15,883 games played in the history of the NFL, the average NFL game has 164 plays (in games from 2013), if we use this to estimate, then there have been about 2.6 million plays in the NFL's 97 year history, even if we use a lower estimate, say 100 plays per game, that still means there's been over 1.5 million plays in nfl history

Here are some of the rarest, luckiest, or most difficult to achieve of those plays

I need a new channel banner, someone please make me one

For those who don't get the premise of this video, these are plays that would only happen "one in a million" times, one in a million is sort of a figure of speech to mean something that is really rare or that wouldn't happen again if you repeated "a million times"

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