Top 50 El Clasico Goals (2000-2018) NFL "1 in a Million" Plays (Rare/Lucky Plays) 3 months ago   10:17

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Joshua Khosrofian
Disliked because the best Clasico goal was definitely Messi’s vs Real Madrid, best quality goal and in the best competition (Champions League).
JE 77
Good vid
Junior Garcia
Ese Valdés era un coladero :v
KnT OriginaL
Never knew there is actually a debate on whether Messi's goal is or not the best goal in El Clasico , aparently there is a debate ...
Mahesa Wisnu
Ronaldo is back
Fortnite Master
First time I see Benzema scoring good goals 😂😂
the pes 19
Dani alves
bibi nathalie
Deepak Srivastava
Is the game only between Barcelona and real madrid
fernicofire ytfernico
Y el de alexis sanchez
Juan David Saenz Arcos
3:08 ufffff best goal
mohrix mohrino
thierry henry goal in 2007 2008 ????
kimspino98 g
Actually Real Madrid's goals are better but Barcelona's goals have wonderful angles.

Leave a like if you agree.
slink jervis CR
Mae que top mas parado
Humphrey Rwechungura
0:37 best advanced rainbow flick EVER
Umer Noman
Baptista in 2007??
Enver Ademi
Very poorly choice of goals...what about ruud v nistlerooy of the best finishers in soccer history
Loukas FCB
Lionel Messi 8-6 Cristino Ronaldo
Mohammed J
Wow. Unbelievable 🌟🙂
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NFL "1 in a Million" Plays (Rare/Lucky Plays) Top 50 El Clasico Goals (2000-2018) 3 months ago   13:15

There have been 15,883 games played in the history of the NFL, the average NFL game has 164 plays (in games from 2013), if we use this to estimate, then there have been about 2.6 million plays in the NFL's 97 year history, even if we use a lower estimate, say 100 plays per game, that still means there's been over 1.5 million plays in nfl history

Here are some of the rarest, luckiest, or most difficult to achieve of those plays

I need a new channel banner, someone please make me one

For those who don't get the premise of this video, these are plays that would only happen "one in a million" times, one in a million is sort of a figure of speech to mean something that is really rare or that wouldn't happen again if you repeated "a million times"

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