Transformers WTF Meme Animations Compilation Transformers at universal studios 8 months ago   10:21

This is it. There were so much of compilations. I think, this one is Transformers: The Last Compilation, but not sure. Who knows if I'll want to get some extra mone...well, enjoy!

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Transformers: The Last Compilation (no)
Francis Gabriel Dagohoy
One word.... YES
Midnight Alpha
ωнαт'ѕ мєgαтяσиѕ fανσυяιтє ∂αу?

Utkum Acikel
Transformers: Rushka
Hamza X
Transformers 8
Audrix Villanueva
wat tha heck is going on
Armani Charlery
Yep the transformers dance on vacation
bay kırmızı kol
4:49 comrade prime
Александр Гришков
Нада камута психужку леч
Leonel Montaño Bastidas
Jajaja ja ja ja 😂😂😂😂
Isaac Selim
I love your video
Pat Weibe
So you’re trying to have a big cake no need for a cake but when you were kid he should I had a little cake because the big cake would be too big for him he would always say ma’am ma’am ma’am ma’am ma’am ma’am ma’am ma’am this is stupid if he said biggie thanks BK
Pat Weibe
Baby you don’t care what your friend beat you just killed your cousin and your other cousin can you just get along OK that makes sense no thanks 👋
Pat Weibe
We don’t rip your head off again what happened to if you die do you have to get it fixed because you’re not like Starscream Starscream Sparky is indestructible you go on and he falls back two minutes later he’s going to be back up on his feet again didn’t you have to do is process again and then one I’m in the 🚗 I love Lala Lala noodles that was a lame bite I didn’t get anything there I know there are a girl OK I don’t locate a great dad can we go outside todaynnbhjh
megatron the decepticon leader
Moje meno je Keno
Ray Calimpong
yes yes yes
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Transformers at universal studios Transformers WTF Meme Animations Compilation 8 months ago   05:16

Transformers universal studios orlando / Optimus Prime / Bumblebee and megatron
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iv got new transformers video from universal studios orlando 2018