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Deb Armstrong

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fernando g. aguirre
What a beautiful snow condition! Deb has her couching by nature! The kid skiing is so natural and effortless!!!!
St calms
why don't YouTube display the names of the downvoters?
cjay flo
Your passion , energy and enthusiasm are evident. Your ability to convey the idea is amazing. It’s August and I’m ready to go try out the techniques you are demonstrating, come on winter!
john Mac
Great video Deb! you have to be one of the best coaches on the planet!!1
Susan S.
Your videos are inspiring. I going on Friday to Killington after watching this
Professor Armstrong
Caroline Wirthle
Practice makes perfect! Few more days of skiing this season!
Alirio Silva
I'm so happy I found you! I'm amazed at how easy it is to understand your explanations. Love the channel!
Elaine Nilsson
I like the drawing that the girl has on paper. I've never seen that. Makes a lot more sense then what I've seen an instructor draw on the snow with their pole.
Karl Krauss
When does she actually teach something?
Excellent lesson indeed. A complicated technique made so simple. Why non of the numerous videos I've seen in youtube are explaining something so fundamental as the external leg bearing the work/command? It would have made my previous week in Garmisch-Partenkirchen even more pleasurable... haha I totally love this sport, so definately next year I'll go for more, and hopefully with this lesson in mind. Thanks for that Deb.
Iron Ore
Ski instructors are annoying
fernando g. aguirre
Deb really knows how to attract and keep the kid focusing into the drill, very interesting because kids has a very short time of 100% focusing, but those seconds are extremely deep. She makes the drill very active and enjoyable. Deb is not one of those show off instructors, she has the dynamics and the sociological aspect very well tune up. Love to the kid jacket and pants! hour and hour of playing and skiing!!!!!well
Arden Powers
Excellent . . . fantastic vid !!. . .
Deb, thank you for video, very educational!
Curious if you could suggest a teaching process for our 6 yo boy. We tried several ski schools in Alta, Park city and Big Bear but all schools giving too little teaching (parents give more imho) and seems to be more as day care, than teaching. Where to hire a proper ski school in South West of US. Appreciate feedback!
Matt Weitz
The term shape rythm Finley first banged out on her poles at 5:53 was right, Deb. Thanks, good video
jan pikhart
Joe Kagan
Thanks so much for posting! So great to see amazing instructors creating content for us. I will be sure to use this video in Children's events in central division, particularly your style and utilization of positive reinforcement.
Keep on posting - we need more great people willing to create content.
She is dynamic and aggressive in her presentation but does she actually TEACH people how to position their body and change their weigh to allow the skis to Make the turns. Up to 2:35, she didn't teach anything!!!

2:35 She is Praising the boy for doing EVERYTHING WRONG! Not just one or two things but the boy is doing NOTHING RIGHT! She is telling him and you that he is doing great. "That is how you ski"! False confidence! Sure he got down That hill in control but what will happen when he gets to the steeps or starts picking up speed? If anybody is interested, ask me what He is doing wrong. Better yet, you tell Me!

3:00 Yes but, what is balance? How do you achieve it? Why is it important? Specifically, so you are Learning something instead of being Talked to!

3:45 "Turn shape for our speed control." HOW?

3:55 "We are going to make really nice turn shapes." How? What do I do with my upper body? When do I change my weight from one foot to the other? What should I be thinking about and imagini9ng to allow this to happen? So we are Just going to Do IT? You mean, watch what you do and Mimic It without knowing what I am doing?

4:00 Yep! Just what I said! Copy my turn shape but not how to do it.

4:06 Here it comes! When it gets steep you have to be able to do Everything! "Be in balance and in control at all times." How?

4:33 "Everything' is your choice." Choice of what? You haven't taught him anything yet.

4:45 This is Priceless and it is what you see in EVERY teaching video on YouTube and pretty much at every ski school. She shows him turns and he mimics them as she has Not taught him how to make the turns. How do I know that? Because he is doing EVERYTHING WRONG! What is Also typical of the worlds teaching and she shows a little of it here, she is Saying "Outside ski" but she is Ab Steaming and not focusing on disciplined weight transfer and the timing of it. You can see it in her Knock-kneed stance. Her weight is all over the place. She is standing where it feels comfortable not where she and he is supposed to be. Watch her outside ski actually break away from her when she is supposed to be Balanced on it. Do what I say, sort of, not what I do.

5:00 "Outside ski, keep that turn shape." He again, was doing EVERTHING WRONG but all she cared about was, outside ski and that turn shape. False encouragement and he learns NOTHING for his parent's money!

5:06 Where should the hands be pointing when I am twisting my wrists?

6:54 A lot of upper body twisting and steering on his part but it's OK with her. The KEY to turning well is to NOT think about TURNING!!! EVER!!! The Skis turn, you Just face down the hill and change your weight from one foot to the other. if YOU turn, the skis Won't because you are not in the correct position to allow them to do so.

If you were driving your car and you twisted your upper body to face to the left and turned the steering wheel, how accurate do you thing that turn be?

7:00 Turn, turn, turn, tells him when to start the next turn but does Not remind him of what he is supposed to do to Make that turn happen. "Hands on the handlebars, face down the hill, now take your weight off the Left foot. Get off the Right foot. Off the Left, off the right. With That, he knows where to face and when and how to get off the foot to allow the skis to make the next turn. That's How, not just when!

7:18 "Turn, Turn, Turn." That's the wrong reinforcement of what he should be thinking of. "Off the Left. Off the Right." If he thinks Turn, he will do what comes easy. Twist, twist. What is the easiest part of your body to twist when you are on skis? Your upper body! With that, you will not be in a position to balance on the new turning ski. You will end up on your inside ski because that is where you just put your upper body. Into the turn and over your inside ski!!!

I know, here I am bad mouthing your favorite instructor and you Love her and this is your favorite video series. Do you want to be entertained and have a warm fuzzy feeling when you take an Expensive lesson or do you want to Learn How To Ski? "Learn To Ski EZY With Jack" Your choice.
Fantastic work there! This may not be the most fancy or well-edited video, but it's the content that counts. You rock!! Know that you have a fan from Hong Kong :)
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HOW TO LEARN ANYTHING ON SKIS | FEAT Short radius turns for speed 1 day ago   11:09

In this video, we are going to teach you how to learn new tricks on skis by yourself. Andri Ragettli shows us how the method for learning high-level tricks and beginner ski tricks are basically the same.

Parts in the tutorial:
01:10 Find inspiration for what new trick you want to learn
01:43 Figure out how to do it
03:47 Break it down on the trampoline
06:37 Try it with your skis on an Airbag
07:27 How to know when to send it on snow
09:21 Have it filmed so you can analyse the trick