Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of 'Frozen' Bill Gates Chats with 3 months ago   05:34

Ryan Reynolds divulged to Ellen that his two young daughters can't start a day without watching "Frozen," and he has had enough of it. The Hollywood heartthrob also chatted about getting a bad haircut in Abu Dhabi, and spending Thanksgiving with his family there, and the upcoming PG-13 version of his hit R-rated film "Deadpool 2" called “Once Upon a Deadpool”.


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Stevie K.
Blake and Ryan make the perfect couple
Eric Gong
Guess what Ryan Reynolds Frozen 2 is coming out
Bhoothathan Sree
4:49 i can feel it ,bro
Desiree Schiller
Is he not making a third Deadpool movie??
PG - E
I’m sorry what is this “Enough of Frozen” what is this foreign concept
Manasi Mujumdar
Isn't he the best!
Titan tau
and now...ladies and gentlemen, welcome FROZEN 2!
when Ryan is invited to your show YOU become the guest
Lourdes B.
He is sooooooo funny!
Carmen Capetillo
Love ryan reynold
t v
Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool in KH4
Rhema hill
Hello deadpool
Tara Maney
Just the two times 😭😂🤣😭
GaHyun Hwang
Hugh Jackman, your move
The blinking part! 😂😂
Trish Chanyeol Park
He LOOKS like a dad
purujit parashar
He can make fun of Green Lantern all he want but he would never regret doing it. Because that's where Blake and Ryan fell in love.
Evan Hatmaker
That one guy in the audience is just dying every time Ryan says something😂
Jamie Ingels
Nice picture of the lake in the background
"Frozen played backwards is actually a shot for shot remake of the Exorcist" I'M SCREAMING
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Bill Gates Chats with Ryan Reynolds Has Had Enough of 'Frozen' 3 months ago   06:35

For the first time ever, Bill Gates sat down with Ellen, and he chatted about becoming a young billionaire, the trampoline room in his house, and the outstanding work he's doing with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.