VW & Ford to announce joint venture 2020 FORD EXPLORER – Presentation, 2 months ago   03:06

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Volkswagen and Ford will join forces as they develop new technologies. The two companies are set to unveil details of a deeper alliance at the Detroit auto show next week. Sources close to management say the car-makers are hoping to fend off rivals in electric and autonomous driving, among them software companies like Google. Another reason for working together: the continuing trade frictions between the US, EU and China. VW and Ford have said in the past that any alliance would not involve a merger.
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Trenton_ A
They're going to dominate the industry
Alto's Music Lab
Ford+VW will make street sweepers for the TESLA CAR PLANT lot. mega factory
g e o
This remind me of Autolatina in Brazil / Argentina.
Santo Chowdhury
Together they can do more.
Just bring back the original beetle.
The company should be renamed FVWORD Found Volks Waggon On Road Dead
James Smith
Now they can build a doubly bad car! 😂
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2020 FORD EXPLORER – Presentation, VW & Ford to announce joint venture 2 months ago   24:02

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