Hungary: Growing unrest and plans How Hungarians Make Babies 2 days ago   05:38

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is trying to find ways to reverse the country's population decline without relying on immigration. He announced new tax and loan benefits for families in his "state of the nation" speech. Meanwhile, a string of anti-government protests in recent months indicates an increasing dissatisfaction with Victor Orban's rule. However, Orban's party still leads in the polls.
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drc ula
Hungary take care of your own. Good job
Tim Borch
Hungary is a World Culture Protection Zone (WCPZ)
They are just haters. They will criticize him because he has the balls to stand for Christianity and native Europeans. He is doing what the others only dream of. Thank you Mr Orban, much Love and thanks from the 🇺🇸
The"Hungarian"opponents paid by George $oro$!!!!!!
Just to summarize and maybe explain the talking points to the non-hungarian audience.
We don't have an opposition to Orbán with any moral or politically integrity in Hungary.

Jobbik (the truly far-right/facsist) party has been washing money by handing it out to their partyleaders and having them pay it back in as their "personal donation" to the party but after they got checked they couldn't explain where the money actually came from.
At the same time they work together with the new Party of the Ex-leader of Hungary and the MSZP (Gyurcsány), who established a new party after he killed numerous protesters and led the country into an defacto bankruptcy in 2006. Problematic is, that Jobbik had the hatred against Gyurcsány and the MSZP as its founding principle.
Another Party (Momentum) missed the official dates to lay open their usage of the partys money, which every party has to do to avoid misuse of the money. They missed this this date twice now and thats why they are under pressure by the hungarian legislature.

Highlights of the protest are:
- Western Anarchists, Antifa and Communists tying to set a christmas tree on fire infront of the parlament and attacking policemen.
- An MSZP politician (Àgnes Kunhalmi) running against a closed door (on camera), while trying to trespass into the headquarters of the hungarian television, and then claming police violence.
- Other politicians who actually managed to get into the building, in an bad attempt to legitimate and identify themselfs with the freedom fighters of 1956, are talking about what they are going to do. They decide that they will let themselfs fall to the ground, scream and hold their throats once they get stoped by the security, but they forgot to turn the video/stream off again and so everyone knew it was 100% staged, if the confused faces of the security guards wouldn't be prove enough anyway.

As you can see the hungarian opposition is a "movement" without any political, human or personal integrity. Atleast you can watch it as an enjoyable mix of comedy and cabaret. ^^
John Molnar
Lol, I watched a similar biased liberal report about this protest here in Canada. The difference was that here the report posted clearly that the people wearing the EU flag and badmouthing Orban were in fact Germans. Nice job importing uninformed protesters to swell the numbers guys. We’re on to your games.
Voodoo one
Sandor Erdelyi
Protesters took the streets?? Joke.. Why don't you add the fact that these are several HUNDREDS of people. Why are facts so painful?
Claw Clawzon
I love you Hungary from Sweden, don't do as our corrupt goverment does! Make it your own way, I love you! Some of us citizens of Sweden are sick of what our goverment is doing to our people. Stay Strong Hungary! Stay Strong Victor Orban!
Myth Buster
Orban is a hero!
John To
So-called protester were around 1-2000, most of them far left activist and some die-hard supporter, there is a very good reason why they would not dare to show aerial pictures of the "protest"...:)
Jutka Kiss
There is no growing unrest. Sorry, pal.
Give the couples breding holidays. 1 paid day off every week to make babies
Pure leftist propoganda. Orban has a huge approval rating. Way higher than Mama Merkel or macron
Stephen Cockett
Victor Orban is fantastic. Long may he run Hungary - he is a light to the world - and I wish he was running the UK.
Leftist subversive protesters are brain damaged. Their globalist paymasters only want to see the erradication of the Hungarian nation state and its rightful population.
seth s
No do not bring in foreigners it will change your culture and creates conflict. Europe for European's
Peter Stark
Ye ye ye.... the lefties are painting them selfes like thay are the majority..... no thay are not and msm can lie all day long wont matter
Skyline Fever
He knows that raising his own population is far better than open borders. In addition, he knows a low birth rate is better than using Idiocracy to raise birth rates.
mat tamas
Just to give some insight to this video as a Hungarian. The protesters you see on this video are belonging to the voter base of the unified opposition (their only common policy is supporting migration). Most of these parties have 1-3% support from the general public, which is displayed in many of these protests where they have a hard time collecting 1000 people.
Sasha Fierce
Attila the Hun has returned
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How Hungarians Make Babies Hungary: Growing unrest and plans 2 days ago   11:09

Orban releases a new proposal to increase Hungarian birth rates.

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