Guess the YouTuber Challenge! REAL VS GUMMY FOOD CHALLENGE 1 day ago   10:36

Brooklyn and Bailey
In today’s video, we’ll to attempt the #GuessTheYoutuber #Challenge! It’s harder than you think! If it’s any consolation, we also didn’t guess our own sister… 🙈) How many of these YouTubers did YOU guess??

Quantities are very limited, so check them out FAST! 😊

Interestingly enough, because of school and work, we don’t get around too much watching YouTube! Everyone always thinks that it’s so funny (because we ARE Youtubers). In fact, many of these peeps we see in person REGULARLY, which is embarrassing to admit that we don’t know all their features!

Our team put together this challenge for us, and they also came up with a crazy idea… that the LOSER of the challenge had to do whatever punishment the team picked, and we had NO idea what that would be until the end of the game! 😅

Personally, I got a huge kick out of the challenge! Even though, it was a little CORNY… 🌽😎

How many of the YouTubers in this video did YOU guess correctly?? Comment below!

💋's - Bailey

YouTubers we tried to guess in this video:



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Brooklyn and Bailey
How many of the YouTubers did you guess?? Comment below! 💋's - Bailey
I could only guess kamri
Sky vs Ty
6:11 Me every single second at school. 😂😂💕
Christopher Howell
Lexi Hensler has pink hair
ايه فؤاد
You didn't recognise KERMITTTTT 😐😶😡
AND SAFIYA 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Jennifer Pope
All of them
Did Starbucks people write "corn" as your name? 😂
Subscribe To No Content
Who else guessed Safyia? I feel that one was quite easy. Anyone else?
Carrie Minassian
The second you couldn’t get Jenna marbles I had to leave. That icon paved the path for youtubers like you. Get it fucking right.
Eden Sanchez
I knew it was Kamri!!
Dejaaa Babyy
Totally knew Jenna marbles dogggie ! She constantly has them in her videos ! This was a good video you girls posted ! Much love to you❣️❣️❣️
JoElla Waggoner
at least it looks good on you brooklyn!!!:)
Molly Vlogs
4:14 Kamri please don't be mad at me!!
Amy Lamoreaux
Honestly looking back at this half of those points bailey took Brooklyn said first...
Olivia W
2:01 LDSHADOWLADY has PINK Hair!!🌸🌸💜
Marvel Fan
Just had a vision, Brooklyn was Kara Zor-El and Bailey was her sister Alex Danvers, from Supergirl
Amina Rabbani
Bailey- I know this people I feel proud of my self

Doesn’t even recognize her own sister lol😂
Lily Kennedy
I knew it was Kari
Hanna Lee
4:10 i knew it was Kamri right away! Lol
Emelina Moore
You are a poopy but McGee
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REAL VS GUMMY FOOD CHALLENGE Guess the YouTuber Challenge! 1 day ago   14:09


Watch our 7 MILLION ORBEEZ IN OUR SPA challenge on BrooklynAndBailey's channel!

Today's video is a funny Real vs Gummy Food Challenge with my twin sisters BrooklynAndBailey! Yes, this is a challenge of Sis vs Sis!

The object is to be served covered plates with either a gummy food item, or a corresponding REAL food item. You don't know what's under the plate cover (meaning, you might get a plate with either a real carrot or a gummy carrot). You then have to take a bite out of it to get a point. The person with the most points at the end, wins! (You have a chance to switch plates if you want, but the switch has to take place before taking the cover off.)

As far as challenges go, this game is FUNNY! You never know what you are going to get, and you some of them may be a big surprise! Some of the food items you may see here are worms, soda, turkey, frogs, cherries, chicken feet, and a surprise guest!!! You might get something yummy, or something gross! Challenges like this are also a good time to prank someone! Ever wanted to get someone back for something? This challenge is it!

You can play this game with your family, friends, kids, teens, girls, boys, children, etc! Our friend Collins Key did several of these a few months back, and we LOVED them!

Please be sure to click the "🔔" next to the SUBSCRIBE button, to join my Notification Squad for #PowerHour each week, and comment with a "🤡" below if you subscribed to BrooklynAndBailey!

💋's -Kamri


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