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Distinguish The Mom From The Daughter. Video | 9 Fatal Ways Animals Protect - At Up-Tube.com

Distinguish the Mom From the Daughter. Video 9 Fatal Ways Animals Protect 1 day ago   10:23

Sometimes genes can work wonders and make parents and children almost exact copies of each other. Of course, all of us look like our mothers and fathers to some extent, but sometimes this similarity is so strong it might be confusing. Also, cosmetology is so advanced it is sometimes hard to understand who is who. Can you guess?
You have ten seconds to figure out who is the mother in these photos.

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James Castillo
I guess at least 98% of the models and I got it right you can tell by the here on their head
Funkmaster Blaster
Surprise-Gold Cruickshank
I got the last couple wrong damn! They look good!
Surprise-Gold Cruickshank
9:04 got me shook
Surprise-Gold Cruickshank
7:14 how could that b accurate? The mom is clearly on the opposite side.
leen sai
they all look so good n young!
joe boo
this aint fair, all crack heads look older than their mums!
I just guess them by looking at the wrinkles on the neck, otherwise it's too confusing, but the only time that doesn't work is her 7:42 - I just can't seem to focus on the wrinkles
vanilla bean
easy, the one who's holding the phone is always the daughter.
Just passing throoo
Pretty easy because the mother's make up looks like it was done at the undertakers.
Iga Leexo
Call me freak I guessed all of them right
Mom Puff
I got them all right!! They all look great but it was not hard for me to see the difference from the older mom than the young daughter!, good for me!! Most of them were extremely obvious!! 😳😳
Jennifer James
y was this so easy like u could tell by wrinkles and the cheeks etc
stream dionysus
black dont crack unless you do it
citizen kiwi
that was easy as fuck
Kamie Ross
I only got three wrong out of the whole video
David Kelly
The mother is the clingy, weird one in every single photo.
The Purple Turnip
Most were easy but


I guessed right on all of them. 😉
TM Harrison
These are way to easy I got every single one of them.
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9 Fatal Ways Animals Protect Distinguish the Mom From the Daughter. Video 1 day ago   10:02

The wildlife is full of mysteries and dangers. Every animal is fighting for survival, and no one is safe from a surprise attack.
In order to escape predators, many animals have evolved interesting protection mechanisms. They are truly amazing and mind-boggling! Today we will tell you about creatures who use the weirdest ways to escape predators.