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Everything Wrong With The House | Everything Wrong With The Lego - At Up-Tube.com

Everything Wrong With The House Everything Wrong With The Lego 5 months ago   14:33

Well, here's a Goosebumps knock-off directed by that gore-porn horror guy, Eli Roth. The results are as messy as you'd expect. And tons of sins.

Next week: Nature sins and old-timey sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Comments 1637 Comments

Is that the kid from mid90s
Alyxandre Pulling
101 sins on the movie 101 sins take one down pass it around 101 sins on the movie. Or 101sinations
I liked this movie, but imagine being a writer who writes something like "Magic spell turns Jack Black into a baby, but he keeps his face".
DraCommics •
“Why is his head adult sized?”
Tsianina Vibranietsova
Never heard of this crap fest. There better not be a sequel.
Andrew Ertle
I love it when he does films that have a bunch of random bullcrap in it. He roasts those parts SO well!!
Also, loved the "Cat's In the Cradle" reference.
The Golden Turd
ahh house with a c ock in it's balls
Slvrr Gld
I liked the movie
Sapphire Eye
*gets on top of roof*

Wisp Wolf
I’m confused why it says he is a warlock
Warlock means traitor of the coven?
F*cking Tarby!
Fortnite Tips
More like the house with a cock in its walls
Fortnite Tips
More like the house with
Xxx Internally
Every single time he lets the movie rogue one second later he says there’s a sin
Patrick Evans
The 8ball joke, quality...
Crystal Diamond
why the hell has to take out everything wrong for every movie and series?
Cate Blanchett is hot
phantam 666
The baby with a big head was a animatronic
It should be noted the book was written before Potter and before Goosebumps. Also, +10 sins for the horrible casting of Selina. She's suppose to be able to go toe-to-toe with Mrs. Zimmerman and she's clearly no match for Cate Blanchett. First two acts were pretty good, but they went too far away from the book in the third act.
Me and my husband left this movie half way through because it was so boring
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Everything Wrong With The Lego Everything Wrong With The House 5 months ago   21:59

Get 50% off your first NatureBox order at http://naturebox.com/cinemasins

Everything is awesome! Including this sins video of The LEGO movie... we hope. After two years, you might have given up hope we'd ever sin this animated masterpiece, but here we are... sinning it... mostly because LEGO Batman is coming out soon. And because no movie is without sin and stuff.

Next week: Sins of a recent-ish action film.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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