Donald Trump's 'Willful Ignorance' Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's 1 week ago   06:44

Jimmy Kimmel Live
Last night during his State of the Union address, Donald Trump used all his best words to convince us that things are going really well. Nancy Pelosi gave us the most meme-orable moment of the night when she clapped pointedly at Trump. Sean Spicer and Mike Pence both gave interesting interviews today. According to Time Magazine, multiple intelligence officials are worried that Trump poses a national security threat because he demonstrates “willful ignorance” and refuses to listen to his own security experts. During one meeting, Trump reportedly thought Nepal and Bhutan were part of India, which they are not. On top of that, he doesn’t know how to pronounce them either. Here’s the point they’re missing though, Donald Trump doesn’t do things the old way, he thinks creatively. Why call countries by their “names” when you can come up with fun nicknames for them?

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's State of the Union

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Donald Trump's 'Willful Ignorance' Poses National Security Threat

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Melvin Purvis
Kimmel your little was right you are the devil and just mean
Lupita Vallejo
msN fraser
Trump is pure gibberish. He just turns my stomach.
Dilini Jayasuriya
❤️🇱🇰Lol Sri Lanka, SriVanka😂
John Flanagan
Drop dead Kimmy, i hope a mooooslum comes to live with your family and shows your wife what a real cock is.
Trump is an Alien , check his State of union , he spoke for 90min. and never took a drink of water.....he's an Alien, because Trump is Vain; about his hair/clothes/persona--so why doesn't he fix his Camel Toe Neck (above his collar)...because he's'on you know how vein he is.
18 investigations and no evidence? almost sounds like the dems must push one each time one of them gets caught up in a racist or sexual assault allegation
Nelson King
These "intelligence" briefings are what has led us to a lot of very STUPID wars. Doesn't seem intelligent to me. Those intelligence chiefs are worried that they can't control Trump lol! That's why we voted for the guy. Nobody elected those "intelligence" chiefs. Obama took their advise all the time and did one stupid thing after another. Glad Trump is staying true to himself and to the people.
xFrosty Snowmanx
Why would any famous person involve themselves in politics publically? Probably one of the worst things they can do.
Truth Seeking
SCR 002
Jimmy Kimmel is for the people who can't think for the themselves.
Muhammad Boota Bota
Subhan Allah connect me b4 No promises why you are making corruption money 1 million dollar after all blacklist country blacklist non-muslim
Enrique Castañeda
I'm no Trump fan, but between the "intently reading, not listening to you" and patronizing claps, I feel like Nancy could've risen above this time. It just gives ammunition to the people on the right who hate her...
Ted Noble
Jimmy kimball is really an ignorant little scumbag. He needs a new gig cause his criticism of Trump is all he can do.
Lmao it's a hate Trump circle jerk in here.
And then a week later says there is no evidence of collusion. Hilarious if you ask me.
Brenda L M Negron
Trump thinks he's talking great.he talks like a dumb moron
I honestly don’t get why we bash on the guy he’s running the damn country for god sake have some respect if you don’t like it leave🇺🇸
Nicholas Woods
I feel sorry and a little concerned for his supporters
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