Ben Askren gets DESTROYED by wrestler I am getting LIT UP by fans after my loss 2 days ago   10:43

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- Ben Askren loses wrestling match to Jordan Burroughs by 11 points to 0
Watch the full match here ▷

- MMA pros react to Ben Askren vs Jordan Burroughs wrestling match

- Kamaru Usman reacts to Ben Askren vs Jordan Burroughs

- Dillon Danis reacts to Justin Gaethe vs Jordan Burroughs, says Jordan Burroughs' single-leg takedowns are a 'masterpeice'

- Conor McGregor goes off on Khabib's teammates for past PED usage

- Tony Ferguson meets with Dana White to discuss UFC return

- Anik & Florian on Cerrone's win over Iaquinta, Cerrone vs Ferguson

- Daniel Cormier hungry for Jon Jones trilogy at 205 pounds

-Michael Bisping on Cormier vs Stipe Miocic rematch

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Comments 1326 Comments

Anyone here after he got knocked out lol
How is losing to possibly the best freestyle wrestler of all time embarrassing?
John Bear
Nobody from the UFC wrestled Jordon Burroughs in the recent past and lost 7-4 thats a lie whoever said that
John Bear
Ben will dunk Misvadel
John Bear
Yes Jordan is world champ...he would do the same or worse to any UFC fighter....
Titiana Rasputin
Ben looks drunk.
I wish Burroughs had let it go longer. It wasn't great viewing.
Jonathon Remington
Ben was not taking this show seriously at all, where as it meant EVERYTHING to Jordan Burroughs . It was obvious that Ben wasnt really even trying if you watch closely. He was **wisely** NOT willing to risk injury. Ben is focused on MMA now and being welterweight champ. If it were a MMA match as good a wrestler as Burroughs is -- most ppl know Jordan Burroughs would of likely gotten knocked out.
Bobby Alexander
PROMO...and please blow your nose. Boy
Joseph Miller
But one is a full time wrestler the other a MMA fighter so it's not fair to say anything on this match
Anyone who has a streak and dominates is GOAT. Anyone who is tough and Nick names themselves goat is goat. Anytime newer talent hasn't been tested or discovered by the masses will eventually get GOAT status. Smh... I just let the athletes who are still young do they thang bc all this goat talk is hype! Most ppl didn't even know who Bens OPPONENT is but now he's GOAT when nobody outside of wrestling really knew how good he was. The same group of guys who loved Connor then hated him then cheer leaded Khabib and watch who they day 1 NEXT! (Day 1 as in I been a fan of his since day 1) YEAH I bet! .. Just enjoy! Ain't gotta lie to kick it. I guess whoever has the biggest IQ in sport champs correctly picked wins an imaginary trophy
Roger That
Now I need to post a video of me plowing thru soon as I get out of this jacket that was put on me backwards.
Competition Sports (Subscription Channel)
People keep saying Burroughs is so great but real wrestling fans know that Kyle Dake beat him and no one mentions that! Look up Sunkist match, Dake won that match and never gets credit for it. I think Ben put Jordan over on this match to hype him up for a run in the UFC. We all know Ben is better than his performance here.
The Grinch

Askren hasn't wrestled competitively for around 10 years.. And he obviously done it to bring MMA fans attention to wrestling.

Embarrassing is this channel not knowing that..
Gibbet Hoskins
I wanna see Jordan in the UFC
Erik Markle
Borroughs is great but come on folks best Cael Sanderson
Tyler Houston
Everyone talking shit saying that was embarrassing needs to wrestle Jordan then talk lol
Burroughs would eat the 155 and 170 divisions alive.. scary dude. He should fight Khabib
If someone thought Askren had any chance is a fool. Wrestling isn't young man sport. Romero gets Mauled by every active -20kg/44lbs(what ever he weights) olympic level freestyle wrestler.
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I am getting LIT UP by fans after my loss Ben Askren gets DESTROYED by wrestler 2 days ago   10:52

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