meow mix Cat's Meows and What They 1 year ago   01:51

my cat wrote the song, I just played the music and shot the video.

music is available here:

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Khaled Abdul Malik
مخج8عخخخخحححجتj 🐏🐗&8&(&7778)&7888*?))00((*
[adult swim] was way ahead of this time before it became a meme.
El gato Volador
My cousin is living the strange life
(just in case they didn't understand what I said
My name is the flying cat)
Cara Somes
Me: * plays video *
Cat: * looks up cuz hears meowing *
Me: * shows cat this *
Cat: this what cat future will be like
kerambit найс
Jin Kisaragi
Saw this on the adult swim ids
Jrchubs THE KITTY MASTER - Music
Now I’m getting vibes of kitty city
Legendary pizza Man
What the hell
Girls locker room: Justin is so hot omg!

Boys locker room:
Israel Pech
Manan Mannan Khan
W El ekrtzt,
Arina Pronina
Ппц мне
Gabineczka :3
Is it your cat? She/he is so cute *-*

I love your videos
DogE71508 Green shirt guy
m e o w
Vinay Mall
Oil. Ooooop0
LOL. whoever produced this, is a genius
caucho 668
Ok, that was weird.
Sad cube De shape
Who's seeing this in 2019?
Super Cat
How many cats do you have?
Julia Fulcher
Im playing this song again and my new cat Mercedes is like: -_- _*_WTF_*_ -_-
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Cat's Meows and What They meow mix 1 year ago   05:36

Cat owners know there is no standard meow. They make a variety of noises which all have some level of feeling behind them, but they leave you to wonder what it is they are trying to
communicate. That’s why this AnimalWised video brings you the different types of a cat’s meow and the meanings behind them. Many of these are normal sounds which represent their day-to-day goings on. Others are meows which intimate there may be trouble or even if they have something frustrating on their mind, as they do when they are in heat. If you want to know all about the meanings of cat’s meows, keep watching to see our list.

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