2000 Cracker Barrel 500 Finish Dale Earnhardt Wins 1995 4 months ago   04:13

The final 7 laps of the 2000 spring race at Atlanta, with Bobby Labonte approaching ever closer to race leader Dale Earnhardt before moving right up to the #3 Chevy's back bumper with one to go. A classic finish ensues.

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Toph Morris
Back then, I was a huge Bobby Labonte fan (still am, technically), and my brother-in-law lived and breathed Dale Earnhardt. We had a friendly rivalry going on about it, imagine us watching this finish. Bobby would go on to win the championship that season. For Christmas, my brother-in-law gave me a framed picture of a dejected-looking Bobby with the caption "I just got lucky." The first race of the following season was Dale Earnhardt's fatal crash. My brother-in-law took down all his Earnhardt posters, and NASCAR was never the same after that for either of us. Meanwhile, having just come off the 2000 Winston Cup and the most respected driver in the garage dying in an accident, I would give practically anything to know what was going on in Bobby's head after that. He was never the same, either.
So similar to Harvick-Gordon in 2001 I believe.
Lurkin Tom Gaming
It’s really something crazy reading the comments here and some date back to 11 years ago... just wild. Bobby was my favorite driver and you gotta appreciate the respect he had for Dale by racing him so damn clean at the end he easily could have pushed him into the fence, but Bobby wasn’t that kind of driver, and Dale usually didn’t rough this Labonte up either... haha can’t say the same about how Dale raced Terry tho hahahaha
Dave 80
I was Their he was blowing by them like they were nothing. Never saw anybody to this day who was that good in a race car!!!!!🤘😎🤘
Holy shit, it's a talking muffin
Best nickname in the world...

"Chocolate" Myers.😁😂
Stephen Holloway
Dale's final Atlanta win, his last non restrictor plate win, and his last at any 1 and half mile track. Final win at Talladega later in 2000.
Garett Burns
Anybody else see the back of Dales car jumping around coming off of 4? Bobby had the best car and would have smoked anybody else , lots of respect between these two.
thereal eht543
bobby will always be my favorite I didn't like he got replaced by jj and Kyle bush tho
Tyler Crouch
This was the first NASCAR race I ever watched and I've been following it ever since. I became an Earnhardt fan after this finish. 3:20
Is that Ray Evernham also in the booth at 0:21?
Monty Montana
If that was the other way around Earnhardt would have wrecked him
One of the greatest finishes of all time, and it was between the top-2 guys in the points of that season. Amazing. Great driving by Earnhardt, great driving by Labonte, this is NASCAR racing at it's finest.
TyV Vulpintaur
A 500 mile race decided by less than 2 feet...amazing.
Cam Gadue
Dang it, Bobby!
500 miles, and the difference comes down to 1 foot...
I don't think Dale intentionally went high at the end there, I think Bobby got him loose and Dale went up.
Tim Bliss
Bobby didn't win this race but he used to flat out own Atlanta and it actually started before they reconfigured it. But after they reconfigured it, he took his dominance to another level. He had 6 wins, 12 top 5's and 13 top 10's in 18 races from 1995-2003. His average finish was 10.6 and that is skewed by 4 bad finishes of 31, 43, 33 and 37. Take those 4 races out and is average finish is a mind blowing 2.4.
Tim Bliss
Earnhardt made a very smart move in going high in 3 and 4 and taking Bobby's line away from him.
Ace Wilcox
One Of My Favorite Memories is Dale Battling Bobby Labonte for the Lead & the Win. The More they raced, the Louder I Cheered for Dale to Win. And When Dale Earnhardt beat Labonte by An Inch, I Went Crazy. It was That Race that Got Me hooked & It was that Race that I Became a Huge Fan Of Dale Earnhardt. From then On I Started Reading Every Book & magazine I Could find to Learn about The Earnhardt Family's Legacy. REST IN PEACE DALE! 12 Years Ago today.
Caleb Jurgensen
Bobby Labonte was very good at creeping back up towards the leader with a few laps to go.
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Dale Earnhardt Wins 1995 2000 Cracker Barrel 500 Finish 4 months ago   07:59