DHS Secretary McAleenan grilled on Capitol LIVE: Impeachment inquiry heats 1 day ago   2:40:18

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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is expected to field questions on President Trump's plans for the border, including policies over processing asylum-seekers and undocumented immigrants. #FoxNewsLive #FoxNews

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Comments 970 Comments

Vlad Putin
Think the woman in a pink dress should adopt a south american family. Bet she wouldn't dream of it.
Bernard Koranteng
You are crazy Thompson to think that wall will do nothing.
These are ALL publicity stunts. Politicians make themselves more in speaking fees and book deals etc etc by building up their fame by being extra dramatic in everything behind the camera.
Jim Hiscott
Let's hope Thomson has the same fate as Cummings REAL SOON!!!!!
The dems gtst together everyday and plot, "ok how can we make them look bad?" Lets pretend like we have morals and we care about humanity but in reality we couldn't give to shits except about money and power."
Matthew Steinmetz
help adam schiff and nacy posoi,,,,,,now,,,,,,,,, fired john solomon now,,,,,,,,godspeed,,,,,,,,,, god justice will prevail now,,,,,,,,,,go with god now,,,,,,bye
Matthew Steinmetz
stand with israel now,,,,,, stand with god now,,,,,,,stand with trump now,,,,,,,,, get out vote now,,,,,,,,,watch this now off youtube now,,,,,,,thanks,,,,,,goodnight,,,,,,bye
Matthew Steinmetz
put ten commandments in now,,,,,,, and put bible in now and stop the poachers now,,,,,,,put prayers back in now,,,,,,,,act on it now ,,,,,,,,vote on it now,,,,,,,thanks ,,,,,,,and open world games,,,,,,,,special olympics to ,,,,,,,,sponsor coke,,,,,,,now,,,,,,,do it now,,,,,,,,, for special needs now,,,,,,,,,,all around world now,,,,,,,,go for it now,,,,,,,, wwe to now
Matthew Steinmetz
please stop the poachers now,,,,,, get after them now,,,,,,do it now,,,,,,right now,,,,,,,, act on it now,,,,,,,, vote on it
What happens to the people when you let them all across the boarder mr green dose the crisis stop then or does it then cause crisis inside America
Gaylene Wilson
demorats say nothing about the pedophiles in washington!!!! when it comes to children!!!!!
Robert J. Gargasz
Democrats are now the communist party!
They must be voted out of Office!

Build the wall! America is being invaded!
Glen Kelley
Plugged In
The Dems will do everything and anything to ensure Trump is stifled.
Galidorn Elkenmeer
Man that Rep Green "what will happen to those people?" …. oooooh … waah … listen to the fake caring in my voice … listen to my soft compassionate tone. I'll tell you they will have to turn around and march back to where they came from … period! Then maybe they can tell their friends not to make a dangerous journey with their, or anyone else's kids, cause it doesn't work anymore. After that, well that's their problem isn't it. Americans don't need to look after everyone in the world who's life is tough. Deal with it!!!
None of you people are Americans. You're all Russian bots.
This is ridiculous. They waste so much time doing nothing but attacking Trump’s admin. I hope Americans wake up and vote these lying evil Hillary’s minions out of congress.
Robert Lavender
Lots of crap spewing.
The facilities and practices were long standing, before the current administration.
Who is incentivising the migrants to risk their sick children to travel to America ?
jewel weed
Mr Green is a joke. If the Mexican government is not willing to step up and help his own people that's sad. It's nobody's job to predict what is happening to these people when they return home, It's up to the Mexican government to treat the people with respect. Who is the representative for Mexico? what do they have to say? Mr Green should be asking the Mexican representative his line of questions. Anyone on this panel has a fence around their house should take them down and meet your new neighbors. Mr Green you have room for some tenters on your lawn? Sounds like you're ready to open your home. Nice!
so this is how a nations dies.
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