Surviving College Finals *cries* MIRANDA COSGROVE AND I WATCH OUR CRINGIEST 11 months ago   10:34

Brooklyn and Bailey
You wanna know what the week of #FinalExams is like in #COLLEGE? See exactly what we experienced, including every late night, study group, and small victory during our first week of finals as college students! Good luck with all of your tests, too!

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December 15, 2018

100 Allentown Pkwy, Suite 211
Allen, TX 75002

11:00AM - 2:00PM

It’s funny because it seems like the hardest part of finals is actually the week BEFORE the testing even begins! There's just this vibe across the whole campus where you can feel literally everyone stressing about what all they need to get done before finals week begins… 😅 It’s just a general understanding among all of the students that nobody is going to be wearing makeup, doing their hair, or changing their clothes. For real you guys, this it isn't high school anymore... it’s INTENSE!

It’s super difficult to not get overwhelmed and stressed while trying to cram a million different pieces of information into your brain! Luckily, we have the best mom in the entire world who sent us an awesome care package to get us through the week. There were so many snacks and herbal teas to keep us energized and as zen as possible. I also had to put on a face mask at one point, as I enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate. It’s all about the little things during finals week, and that hot chocolate was easily one of the highlights of my week! 😂

Overall, finals week is really not THAT bad. As long as you go to class all semester, study really hard for all of your tests (16 hrs for pre-Calculus 😅), and get involved in some great study groups, you will be totally fine! Did you guys take any final exams this year?? Comment below!

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💋's - Brooklyn

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Brooklyn and Bailey
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Seerat SINGH
4:27 Casey cott!!!,????
Andrew Boone
Here is the question I always asked myself before Math exams in college, when will I ever need to know this stuff in life, with the exception of being a teacher
Kim Chhetri
Donavan Johnson
I probably would fail the math final exam because I'm not really good in math
Cody Arnold
Was that a peace out hand sign, or are you two lil hoodlums throwing up gang signs?
Cody Arnold
Girl let me relive your stress. I'm good like that
Najeeb Kids
You have five in college I have nine in just school
I absolutely love that you guys are still in school! You have no idea how many girls you are inspiring
Ellen Talampas
Ummm....Im only in 3rd grade
Nailah 112
I have a people in college just study the week before and during the week of finals? Like they don't study here and there before bc from the videos I've seen it's the week b4 and during the finals week ppl are stressed and studying can someone plz tell me about this?
Caitlin McCullough
Is it just me or is your dorm room amazing 🤩
Skylah Murray
Good luck Brooklyn and Bailey
Baddys 14
What you guys use Canvas for school too? That is awesome o thought only us peeps in New Jersey use it.
These college videos can be very emotional..
Isabella Markward
This vid was posted on my birthday 🎂 🎁 🍰
Aww your mom is so sweet
The only thing ill prolly get from my mom in College / University is
*”Good Luck for finals!?”*
*”Pass or don’t come home”*
holly h
OMG I USE CANVAS FOR 8TH GRADE TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SAME CANVAS BAILEY USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT 2:00 - 2:08
games. com
I am 12
games. com
On november 28 it was my birthday and i am born on 28 november
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MIRANDA COSGROVE AND I WATCH OUR CRINGIEST Surviving College Finals *cries* 11 months ago   24:11

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Miranda Cosgrove is basically my little sister in real life too. So it was only appropriate that we take a deep dive into our past and find our cringiest moments that will live on TV forever. Enjoy!

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