The Caliph P3: Decline | Featured Documentary 🇨🇳 How to be a Chinese Tourist | 101 East 2 days ago   49:39

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The Caliph - Part 3: Decline - Featured Documentary

Al Jazeera tells the story of the 1,300-year-long struggle for the caliphate and looks at how different dynasties rose and fell - ending with the decline of the Ottoman caliphate.

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Director: Husein Alrazzaz

Director of photography: Fadi Benniish

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Rahat Ahmed Chowdhury
In shaa Allah Islam power will raise again🔥
Mohammed Abdullah
Arab Turk no matter we are brothers whit 1 Deen
Its Europa who brings the satans trap to the Ummah
Split it bring weapons and control it
Victoria Godley
There is no god, just have fun and be kind to everyone
There’s some inaccuracies here. Islamic scholarship states that the Prophet SAW died at the age of 63. He was born either in 569or570,most say 570. Died in 632-633. Abu Bakr and Umar and Othman RA all died at the same age, Ali I think the same as well. Here in this documentary they try to make it so they died at 61 not 63 and I don’t know why. No one ever said the Prophet SAW was born in 571, not a single reputable scholar of anything related to Islam. Don’t say “some did” if it was just a few people in the grand scheme of thousands of scholars, they’re statistically insignificant. I don’t like it when western people try to preach or teach in a way that is contrary to what people who grew up in an Islamic country and took formal religion education in those nations in the mother tongue of Arabic like Egypt being taught in night schools by Al Azhar instructors. These instructors that have thousand+ year of knowledge that is older than the west twofold know more than what is propaganded in media. I would take some of the facts with a grain of salt when it comes to the ages. Also they failed to mention that Hussein RA was tricked by the people of Kufa with some letters saying they will give him Baiyyah then they allied with Yasir and trapped and killed him and were directly part of the beheading. That’s why Shias til this day beat themselves to near dead status because of the guilt they feel for the mischief of their ancestors who betrayed the Holy Prophet’s SAW grandson . This is not my words but the words of Shias in their books from their movies and Imams like Murtada al Qazwini

Source for my claim on the Shi’a fact is Al Tabarsee in al-Ihtijaaj 2/32, it quoted alHussein and I believe his son Ali ibn Hussein later after this passage

Also just to let you know Ali RA had children named Abu Bakr and another named Uthman I believe and. His children had children named after The rest of Sahaba RA and that’s why there’s Shias names Abu Baker left in Lebanon. But they don’t survive in Syria or Iraq where they beaten up in the street just for having their names and the Iraqi Shias also force people to insult Aisha RA the mother of the believers according to the Quran .
Pakawa Media
The only existing caliph now is Mirza Masroor Ahmad atba
el camino no lo conosco lo boi aciendo e pegando,todos por criterio dentro el criterio
plis luego jaza i lugo 99 896
jaidev ganguly
one thing is sure from these, violence is the root of islam
Conquer of the Constantinople were done by a great Turkish race, I get angry when foreigners consider this luck as a muslim success, only Turkish warriors fought against Byzantine and won, coward arabs only can slap women
Throughout the history Turkish tribes who came from the Central Asia converted to islam and began guardians of the religion of their enemies, without Turkish struggle islam today would have been a regional religion of Arabian peninsula, I consider a big mistake converting to islam, Turkish tribes didn't benefit anything from this religion, prophet Muhammad created this religion in order to make arabs a civilized people, they buried their daughters before islam, however Turkish people were not barbarians like arabs, unfortunately nowadays there are still millions of stupid turks who dedicated their life to reliogion of wild animals-arabs. Turkish people should wake up and abandon this religion
One thing I'm confused about. So in Islam the prophets last sermon said everyone is equal regardless of ethnic group/tribe. So how does it make sense that only a quraishi tribe member will be the leader of Islam? Surely anyone can be the leader ? Or am I reading it completely wrong
Ashikur Rahman
It was nice watching the 3 part series.
Red haired Gangstah
Mia means "my'" in italian and Khalifa means "succesor" in arabic. so,
Mia Khalifa literally means "My Succesor"
Videos For you
Stupid betrayer arab leaders.
mohammad khan
Arabs were stupid they rebelled against one white man (Ottomon) and fall in the trap of another white man British and its allies. Jumped from frying pan into the fire. At least ottomon treated Arabs as their brothers. British created Khazaristan in Palestine a spear in Arab heart. USA supplies them fighter jets and bombs to kill their own Arab brothers and west and USA sucks Arabs money and gold. HOW STUPID ARABS COULD BE CAMEL BRAINS
ahmed saeed
caliphate were long gone after death of hazrat ali
everyother are emirat
islam is based on snatching from each other.
ggg ggg
If you listen to lecture of sheikh imran Hussein
He describes it beautifully that this Conquest of Constantinople was not which was prophecieced by our Prophet Muhammad pbuh
But the conquest is yet to come.
Snicker Bars
All stories aside why are people fighting over this land for ages.....?
That too in the desert...if it was done for some places with rivers and fertile land that could have made sense.....?
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🇨🇳 How to be a Chinese Tourist | 101 East The Caliph P3: Decline | Featured Documentary 2 days ago   25:31

From setting fire to curtains inside an aeroplane cabin and hurling scalding noodles over a flight attendant to urinating in public places, Chinese tourists have gained a bad reputation.

One in 10 travellers world-wide is from China.

Outside of Asia, their destination of choice is France.

Despite complaints from locals, officials in Paris want to double the number of Chinese visitors to five million a year.

101 East asks what it will take to turn the plane loads of first-time travellers from China into well behaved sightseers.

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