The Caliph P3: Decline | Featured Documentary 🇨🇳 How to be a Chinese Tourist | 101 East 6 months ago   49:39

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The Caliph - Part 3: Decline - Featured Documentary

Al Jazeera tells the story of the 1,300-year-long struggle for the caliphate and looks at how different dynasties rose and fell - ending with the decline of the Ottoman caliphate.

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Director: Husein Alrazzaz

Director of photography: Fadi Benniish

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Spasoje Kulasevic
Harram Harram
Rise up oh Pakistan army!!
Rise up oh Turkish army!!
Rise up and let's give this evil world a really big FLU!!
LET'S SHOW the world the people that when the Muslim world coughs then the rest OF the world will catch a FLU.
GONE ARE THE DAYS OF EVIL America. It cannot win anything anymore.
Death to the enemies of ISLAM
Harram Harram
Long live the offspring of Abdul Hamid for they are the enlightened ones!
Mr Stephen Malikov
The prophesy of the conquest of Constantinople is not fulfilled yet !
Adam Mahdi
This is dajjal slander, King Al Saud is Islamic Chalipe choosen by NabiSAW 1,400 years ago.


Imam Shafiee, King Al Saud, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab and lastly Imam Mahdi, they are all Ahlul Bait from the descendent ofI Ibnu AbbasRA.

The baiah of Imam Mahdi is on 10 Muharam 2045.

holbrook 195209
The caliph will come,soon
Toader Corciovei
Dear readers.


I can proof to entire world Mohamed was not a prophet and
Islam is no from Heaven.

First of all I want to say I am on tap of the world who
know how was made all the religions in the world I was born for such thing to
find out the truth.

Now I can challenge all the religions in the world
because I know one religion came from God the one that was built with God power
like Moses, Jesus and His disciples the other religions was made by servants of
Devil who play with people mind because they can’t prove what they teach people
is true or they are people of God/Allah and their religion is right but those
who worked with God power I trust them what they said because they proved God
was with them.

How stupid and dumb are those who believe Mohamed was
prophet and Islam came from Heaven when Jesus told to Jewish people John the
Baptist was the last prophet.

Take look at Jewish people they had so many prophets from
Moses to John the Baptist and sins Jesus told them no more prophets Jewish
people had not have a single prophet this is not a proof for you or how many
proofs do you need to believe God sent Jesus in the world to delivery His
message John the Baptist was the last prophet. Luke 16/16.

Again I ask those uneducated kafars who follow Mohamed
very religious people but not different then pagans where is the Arab faith to
believe what Jesus said why you need another prophet when long time before
Mohamed Jesus taught entire world how to get in to Paradise.

What else you need more then this if you want to get in
to Paradise the Bible is the only Book where you can find the truth and will
guide you to Paradise.

There is lot of proofs Jesus made Christianity not people
when He preached the Gospel of Kingdom of Heaven.

God is witness I don’t tell you story reading the Bible I
meet with God not because I have to follow Mohamed.

But the question is how Islam came from Heaven without
Ten Commandments?

Ten Commandments are directly words from God when He
spoke directly to Jewish people from the Mont Sinai Moses was there with God
when this event took place.

If you say you read the Bible Moses says God with His
finger wrote Ten Commandments on those tow tablets of stone but he didn’t see
God face because nobody can see God and survive.

Ten Commandments are the base for every human kind not
just for Jewish people and that what is important for people is missed from
your book your book is not like Bible where you can find Ten Commandments.

Ten Commandments are directly words from God is not like
Mohamed spokes to people in the Name of Allah like false prophets and Mohamed
rules doesn’t match with God Commandments the Islam he invented has moor rules
then Ten Commandments that means Mohamed corrected God.

What I know that what I say Islam has sshria law this another
proof Islam is not from Heaven because God don’t allow anybody to be His
servant forced by the law.

Take look at our father Abraham is a good example for
those who want to be servant of God in his time was no imam and not the Bible
neither sharia law because in his time nobody knew to write and read and he
became friend of God and example of the world without sharia law.

Sharia law is not different then constitution and was
made after Mohamed for evil people and evil people embraces sharia law because
among them there is another type of people worse and they need law to punish

Actually Jesus says nobody is good in this world just God
that means Islam was invented by evil people (Mohamed).     

If nobody good in this world what do you expect from evil
people to tell the truth or to guide you to Paradise?

And if Jesus shows the way how to get in to Paradise why I may need Mohamed?      

Everybody know who was Moses but when is about Mohamed
there is a big question “?” if he was a real prophet because Jesus told to
people that be careful after me will come not one prophet but many false
prophets and they will guide many people in wrong way.

Sins Jesus says that I am right to check everybody who
talks about Allah even Mohamed if he was a real prophet that is for my
protection not to listen the false prophets.

Mohamed proved to be a false prophet a big liar because
he told to Arab people he is the last prophet and Ishmael was for sacrifice
when Moses wrote to Jewish people Isaac was for sacrifice.

Zakir Naik can answer all the questions but he can’t
answer to one question who tells the truth Jesus or Mohamed, Moses or Mohamed
because they are against each other?

In the Holy Book it say Moses wrote to Jewish people that
God told to Abraham to bring sacrifice the only son he love Isaac in that time
Ishmael was in the wilderness with his mother Agar look like Abraham didn’t
loved Ishmael as much he loved Isaac.

About 600 years after Jesus Mohamed told to Arab people
that Allah told to Abraham to bring Ishmael for sacrifice that is why the
followers of

Mohamed every year sacrifice a lamb in the memory of
Ishmael but Moses didn’t say anything to Jewish people to do the same in the
memory of Isaac.

These tow prophets seems to me they are not from the same
God one of them didn’t mention anything about sacrifice the other one made even
a law people every year have to sacrifice a lamb.

There is another case similar Mohamed says man was
created in Heaven,

Moses says God created everything on Earth in 6 days in
the 7th day God rested it is one of Ten Commandments God want 7th
day to be respected but Mohamed denied God rested in 7th day.

Moses make sense when he talks about God creation because
in Heaven is not day and night how we have here on Earth and Moses says man was
created in the 6th day.   

So that who tells the truth Moses or Mohamed because they
are against each other?

If these tow prophets came from the same God both of them
should have one answer doesn’t matter which son was for sacrifice instead there
look like tow prophets from tow different Gods.

When I find out who tells the truth that will be the
prophet I’ll follow the other one I’ll call false prophet and liar.

If Mohamed the fin prophet for perfect religion laid what
do you expect from those who follow Mohamed to hear the truth or to guide you
to Paradise and you might here from stupid
people saying Islam came from Heaven.

Their Holy book is Holy like those Holy cows in India.
Propaganda pro isis, verry agressive documentery
Hassni Mubarak
Lectures of sheikh imran Hussein are eye opening and very diverse
He addresses the subject of caliphate with an excellent understanding.
Jack Sableng
Islam is a curse to this world.
christian Lopez
Takbir, Allah hu Akbar, takbir, Allah hu Akbar, takbir, Allah hu Akbar for the distruction of the caliphate. Alhamdulillah.
Extra Story
The last family of pf. Muhammad took shelter at India....when Shunni people tried to killed them. Hope you know the history.
Rex Zark
Jainism and all religions springing from its tenets can never last among humans who seek power in the City of Man rather then the City of God.
Marlon K
A proud Mongol... We showed the world how to fight. The Arabs fought like girls. The whiteboys were only good at home turf, but we conquered wherever we went. Long live Genghis Khan. Long live the wolves. Eternal blue is what we want.
Jobe Rodrigues
Very nice documentary!
utube utube
Many thanks for this
Sub Ab
Arabs abused Islam in the name of Umayyad to benefit themselves and treated non-Arabs second class.
Sub Ab
One good reason why religion and state must be separate. Most Caliphs were despots ascended to power using religion but led lavish life except a few.
Karine Boulay
Arabs are ennemi of Islam
Thanasis Golematis
Islam is a mental disorder.
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🇨🇳 How to be a Chinese Tourist | 101 East The Caliph P3: Decline | Featured Documentary 6 months ago   25:31

From setting fire to curtains inside an aeroplane cabin and hurling scalding noodles over a flight attendant to urinating in public places, Chinese tourists have gained a bad reputation.

One in 10 travellers world-wide is from China.

Outside of Asia, their destination of choice is France.

Despite complaints from locals, officials in Paris want to double the number of Chinese visitors to five million a year.

101 East asks what it will take to turn the plane loads of first-time travellers from China into well behaved sightseers.

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