1500HP Supra Gettin' Rowdy Sleeper Diesel Truck SMOKES 11 months ago   14:07

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On this episode we do a full breakdown and ride along with Drag International's 1500HP(1351whp) Precision Turbo powered Toyota Supra. This might just be one of the cleanest big horsepower street Supra builds we've ever seen. Larry Ramnath(Drag Int owner) sure knows how to build one badass Supra. Please enjoy the beautiful 2JZ sympthony eargasm, thanks for watching!

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Sleeper Diesel Truck SMOKES 1500HP Supra Gettin' Rowdy 11 months ago   17:46

This beast literally smokes the competition! Today we feature Ivan's 2002 diesel powered Silverado, putting down an impressive 1200WHP/2000+ftlb. This truck is a true sleeper and eats supercars for breakfast!

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