LA Clippers vs Sacramento Kings Full Craziest NBA Moments of 2018/2019 - Part 9 months ago   09:43

MLG Highlights
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Dylan Gruenwald
Best team in the NBA and don't need a big 3 to do it.
Hamzah Nieuwkerk
That's so funny!!
LA Clippers
*If* *Lakers* *&* *Clippers* *Were* *Mad* *Men* *Characters*

*Lakers* = Roger, Betty, the image of Don from outsiders. Old fashioned.

*Clippers* = Joan, Peggy, Pete, and Dick Whitman. Fight their way up.

"They're still the Clippers. "

"She's still a woman."

*Lob* *City* = Megan. Modern. Took a shortcut. Failed with her Hollywood dreams.

*Don* *Draper* (an illusion)*

*Roger* *Sterling* (racist, privileged)*

*Betty* *Draper* (old-fashioned, shallow, spoiled)*

*Joan* *Holloway* (more than just good looks)*

*Peggy* *Olson* (most progressive/motivated, Don 2.0)*

*Pete* *Campbell* (everyone tries to be Don like the Lakers but we all end up like Pete)*

*Megan* *Draper* (false promise)*
9:23 Beverly trying to protect his head coach just in case something happens. He got Rivers’ back 👌🏿
Hardtail Rider
Gortat is the worst player in basketball
Roger Tiwari
Clippers are very glitchy😱;they play hard and move the ball. Shai Gillis is a killer😱⛹️‍♂️🤾‍♀️
Sean M
Teodosic needs more burn
Antonio Williams
clippers better then lakers now but at the end of the year the lakers are going to be better.
Jörg Schneider
Wer sind die LA.Lakers ,Clippers the best in LA
Jörg Schneider
Gute Saison bis jetzt von den LA.Clippers weiter so
Lloyd Villarivera
Clippers just playin basketball. That’s it. We stay lit.
Tee Honggildong
Foxy pink shoes.
C Ramirez
It looks like both teams agreed before the game started, "uh, guys lets not play defense in the paint at all that's a bit uncivil you know"...
Gerry Garcia
Came here to get my daily dose of Boba. Quite disappointed
I love this Clipper team. So much heart and effort when they play. If only Bradley and Beverly can score more consistently there is no stopping this team. The kings also got some really good young studs.. They are going to be good soon.
William de Murney
The shades of Shaun livingston in Shai gilgeous-alexander.
Nash Cajeda
Nba becoming boring with all this 3 point shots. Everyone is shooting threes and there is no beauty in it.
KrizzyImToILLy LongLiveHip-Hop
Clippers have a nice squad but realistically there not going to do jack shit in the playoffs they'll be lucky to make it pass the first round and from there they will not advance any further clippers will always live in Lakers shadow yet alone no championships fuck outta here it's only one LA team and that's the Lakers no one cares about the clippers doesn't matter if they have the best record in the west lol
King Shango Sound
Puno igračke?
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Craziest NBA Moments of 2018/2019 - Part LA Clippers vs Sacramento Kings Full 9 months ago   13:37

The craziest NBA plays and moments of the 2018/19 NBA Regular Season!

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