SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK PET SEMATARY (2019) Ending Explained 2 days ago   19:36

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In SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, the long popular and controversial horror books for children is brought to frightening life on the big screen - unleashing the terrifying creatures from the books into the real world. Lean all about the monsters and their original appearances in the series, along with the tragic story of troubled spirit Sarah Bellows, as well as explaining the ending that sets things up for sequel.

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Aidan Foca
This movie was very bad tho
Modern Witcher
This mansion needs a Witcher.
Alli Swatsenbarg
I thought this movie was AMAZING, though the straw bit nearly made me puke
Jeez, ya'll and that movie are all doin' my girl, the Pale Woman, wrong. Yeah, she's bulbous and creepy as hell in appearance, but that smile is clearly serene, dammit. In her story, The Dream, she was legitimately warning a woman about the room to avoid a bad fate. Even when the dumb broad ended up in the room in reality, calling everything a coincidence, she appeared at the door, convincing the woman to GTFO without so much as a word. She's a good girl, a GOOD GIRL! Out of all the ghosts and monsters in the series, she's the only one I'd be okay with haunting me. She's like an alarm system. Appreciate.

Still, it kind of felt like the serene thing was sensed by the director, too. The boxing in bit was intimidating, but Chuck ended up getting whisked away by motherly bear hug. I think he had the better end out of everybody.

Edit, because I feel the need to specify: The room she was dreaming about featured carpet made out of large squares that looked like trap doors and windows that were fastened shut with big nails sticking out of the wood. The Pale Woman leans over the girl in the dream and says "This is an evil place. Flee while you can."

She is an artist who had to travel for some reason, and, though the dream unnerved her enough to switch locations, she ended up at a pleasant looking house that had a room for rent. Surprise, surprise, it's the room from her dream. She calls it a coincidence and the landlady goes to fetch her some tea while she gets settled. As she sits on the bed, staring at the nailed windows and trap door carpet uneasily, there's a knock at the door. Thinking it's the woman with tea, she opens it, and the Pale Woman is on the other side staring at her (and, I imagine, looking at her like she's a f*cking dumba$$). The artist immediately snatches up her suitcase and leaves.

Obviously, there was an actual trapdoor under one of those carpets that was likely a slaughter house or torture chamber, and the windows were nailed shut to prevent a victim from leaving. The 'kind' landlady was also likely drugging the tea she was about to give to the artist, if she wasn't outright preparing a weapon or chloroform. The Pale Lady saved her from death, or possibly something much worse.
Daenar Mahari
Bag of dog poop? Try a bag of Chuck’s poop. Lol!
Rayyan Radoncic
The title be like “scp 096 has breached containment “
Junior Sanchez
You wrote 'lean' instead of 'learn' in your description...
daddy stalin
I remember when I was like 6 and read this book to my parents and family members at like 1 am around a bonfire in our backyard, and this makes me semi happy again
Nonya Business
Scary Stories was great i recommend going to see it.
Ivan Ooze
where... is... my, TOE!
Hans Cascante
Guillermo should have directed and produced the 2011 version of the thing
Flaming bag of human poo you mean
lolbity the crypticnited f0x
In america you read book

In soviet russia book reads you
Aiden U
The story's arn't scary it's the book it self
I remember these books were sitting around at my old elementary school. I always hated looking at the covers.
harley lynn southam
my boyfriend and i saw this and honestly? he doesnt like scary movies, we only saw it bc i wanted to but im glad we did bc i loved it
Jangally Man appears..........Sheriff's dog has left the chat

John Wick appears: Becomes the new dogs owner
It wasn't really scary, it gave me a feeling of impending doom
The Rooster
Who else remembers reading these books.
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PET SEMATARY (2019) Ending Explained SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK 2 days ago   17:46

#petsemetary #endingexplained

In the new adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Semetary, the Creed family moves to the small town of Ludlow Maine where a series of supernatural events send them on a dark and dangerous path that threatens the barrier between life and death itself. Learn all about the bigger story only hinted at, including what is behind the evil, as well as the big changes from the original, and explaining the ending.

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