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I Didn’T Get My License... | Dmv Driving Test Dash Cam - So Nervous - At Up-Tube.com

I Didn’t Get My License... DMV Driving Test Dash Cam - SO NERVOUS 1 day ago   12:02

Kamri Noel
Most of you guys probably know that I just turned #16, which means it’s FINALLY time for me to be able to #DRIVE! Getting my #license ended up being A LOT harder than I thought it was going to be… How well do y’all think I did with parallel parking?? 😅

Learning to drive was actually not that hard for me, and I really enjoyed it for the most part! I’m excited to finally be able to drive myself places (I know my parents are excited for that too). I’ve had my drivers permit for a while now, so I feel like I’ve been able to practice driving a lot. That helped a lot with the nerves leading up to the actual test, because I felt super prepared for it!

The one thing that my dad insisted on me practicing until I perfected was parallel parking… It’s honestly not that bad, it just takes a second to get a feel for how to do it. Luckily, my dad tested me with different potential “distractions” that may occur in real life situations, so now I’m ready for whatever comes my way. 😂 What do you think of his tests??

The day came for me to actually take my driving test, and I passed! The next step was waiting for my actual birthday to just go pick up my license, and I would be good to go… WRONG! After waiting in line for over 5 hours on my birthday, I found out that I had to re-take my drivers test as a 16 year old in order to get my license… 🙈 I think I’m the only person in the world that has had to take their driving test twice to get their license… And, I STILL don’t have it! 😅

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Kamri Noel
What about driving are you MOST looking forward to?? Comment below! 💕 -Kamri
OMG, how did you EVER even get in to get your permit?! 😵 I can’t even get us in with he inline online!
chloe gachagamer
Jordan sent mee
Country Boi
Am taking mine today at 4:00 wish me luck 😭😭am nervous
Carla Fuquene
wow can't relate to parallel parking, they don't have that on the test in my state
Ashlyn Crane
You are loved!
Kate Sakai
how did you get your permit when your where 13????
Chloe Lemmer
that’s soooo stupid wow, i took my test like three weeks before i turned 16. i also know people that have taken it months before they turned 16!!
Rachel Kirkland
Ugh, I am so nervous, but so excited. I take my permit written test in 3 months when I turn 16. I might vlog it, but Idk cause Idrk how to really make a video, but wish me luck!😆😆😆😆
Zak M
I wish Kamari owned a Camry would be legendary!
song studio
In my country they give Driver license to every one the driving test is about driving in a highway on the speed limit and then do a U turn and then go to the DMV do a parallel parking there then u pass
Jenna Campbell
Ah,poor Kamri. I failed my driver's test cause of parallel parking too.
Jordan Matter sent me😜
Jenni Poceros
Paige's stories
Your not the only one because my dad passed in 2008 when I was born in
Georgia Morris
You look so much like Brooklyn❤
Scarlett _104
I’m turning 15 on my next birthday so thanks for the tips!
Rampage Cradle
He looks like Bruce Wayne...
Kwi Sook Im
What did the librarian say to the students?

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Dud Adam
I was driving at 13....
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DMV Driving Test Dash Cam - SO NERVOUS I Didn’t Get My License... 1 day ago   09:39

17 Year old female takes behind the wheel driving test and passes the first time. Start to finish video - begins with vehicle inspection, then neighborhood driving, then boulevard. Includes tips and info throughout.
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