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Little Curtis the cute baby monkey wakes up and enjoys some Coffee bean snacks with his dad Dj4jay. He had an all natural fruit bar which completely organic and very healthy. We also took the little monkey boy to an exotic pet store to find some treats. I'm so fortunate to be able to witness these amazing animal moments every day! Not to mention funny monkeys are the absolute best to be around.

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Aiden Mitchell
Play haapier in the background when entered the store
Connie Girvin
Who else didnt come for the monkey 😍😍😍😍😍
goodbye channel
Honestly i want it
Dwayne Pope
it's a cute monkey.reminds me of the feral cats that live around our property, sometimes they have kittens and those are cute buty the coyotes eat them. I know because ived seen it happen nmrous times over the last 20 years ive lived here. its sad but what are you going to do, you know
Carleen Mehlhopt
I've never known anyone who has a monkey bcoz I live in new Zealand
Carleen Mehlhopt
Awesome he is so cute and you really look after him it's amazing 😇😇
Carl Wright
Omg... it’s Curtis’s baby monkey
Like if you understand
Benjamin Squeaker
He’s so cute
Lps Star and friends and sis
Aww he/she is so cute I sub
3 Hotz N a Cot
I bet he'd like a Wing Chun post

OR something like it
Breann Nearhoff
This is on my top five of favorite channels (number two) ;)
Ruben Scott
Some one like or has a Asian
Young edgy
I want a monkey now
Daisy Rose
This is such pure content, I can't!!! Subbed!
kendyl milas
Literally everything I never knew I needed
Delontae Fontenot
How much money was he or she
Delontae Fontenot
New to the channel
chato moreno
This Lil king Kong is lucky to live with 2pac
When it's written no sugar added, that means there is sugar added.
Tony Stark
Very cute, you know where you can get him clothes ? When I had my monkey, just like yours, I used to buy dolls, not barbies, bigger dolls with clothes, then simply take the clothes off the doll, throw the doll away and have a whole winter and summer collection for him.
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Monkey Baby Bi |drinks milk, Baby monkey morning coffee 2 weeks ago   06:20

Monkey Baby Bi drinks milk, mokey love papa. happy family