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Rocky Kanaka
This all stared when I started doing my Buying My Dog Anything He touches video. When I saw this I knew I could help rescue dogs like Freddie Mercury the dog. Showing dogs love is my goal that's why in my recent video BUYING A HOMELESS DOG AN ENTIRE PET STORE I built an entire pet store for shelter animals to shop at. And in my last video Letting A Homeless Pit bull Pick His First Meal! myself and Pitbull lovers everywhere celebrated Zeus finding his new forever family. He was adopted! In this video I make Freddie Mercury and Bosco homemade dog ice cream and we reveal Freddie Mercury's dog DNA kit test results. I also talk to everyone about how we are going to work harder to get Bosco adopted. It hasn't happened as fast as I would like but sometimes pet adoption takes time. Some people want to adopt a puppy right away but sometimes working in dog rescue you see dog adoption taking time. One day I hope it can happen faster. Who knows maybe one day we can do a 24 hour challenge and get dogs adopted in 24 hours or less!
A special thanks to Marley's Mutts for all that they do in helping dogs like Bosco.
Oh and there is also dog ASMR in this vid. You are welcome!

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Comments 10466 Comments

gatcha akko
He is soooo cute i want him
Patricia Walters
faith_ and_you
I love did

They are so cute
Sintia Castellanos
Baelen Kaufmann
I was having a rough day but seeing Freddie made it so much better! I love her little wiggles, thank you Freddie for being such a lil ray of positivity ❤️😊
Isabel Mihalakos
okay but ppl who don’t even know who Freddie Mercury is are like: WHAT A CREATIVE NAME 😍
Sharon Donner
I have a cawawa that looks just like Freddy mercury
Patricia Walters
I bet he's chinese crested!
Hide Hide
Stop putting sad song wen he eats you just bullying him
Olivia Brooks
8 different breeds
CrAzed GaMing
I love dogs and hi Freddy Mercury such a cute dog
Kittenpie Heart
This comment is before the DNA tests have been released...Freddie looks like my dog...My dog is a mini ping and a chihuahua all black
Kvng _Shaany
Dog asmr
Cindy Shamrock
She is so sweet
Callie Marie
I make peanut butter and cheese ice cream for my doggo
M & M
I’ll adopt bosco
Rosie Minecraft
Melissa Van Es
Freddie is so precious ❤
My chicken is about to die :(
Creative CardiaX
AHHHHH, I want Bosco, but I already have two big dogs, five cats, and a bird. ;~;
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THE Most DANGEROUS DOGS In The World You'll Never Guess This 1 week ago   11:18

Meet the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world, which due to their great ferocity even require strict permits and they are even banned in some countries.










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