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The Decline Of Payless...what Happened? | You've Been Asleep, Cap | 1985 - At Up-Tube.com

The Decline of Payless...What Happened? You've Been Asleep, Cap | 1985 7 months ago   11:10

Company Man
Payless ShoeSource is the largest store of its kind in the United States but has recently had some tough times. Within the past few years Moody’s has lowered their credit rating multiple times, they’ve closed 800 stores, and filed for bankruptcy. This video takes a look at their rise and fall and attempts to provide explanations for all of it.

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Comments 3706 Comments

Mike Holly
The shoes were a piece of shit I mean what else needs to be said
Their shoes never fit me right and were uncomfortable.
Astin Bryson
I miss Payless 😢 I LOVED buying shoes there and nearly always found some really great stuff there
Florence Ferdinand
Instead of payless it started to become pay more.it been around since I was a kid.i loved some payless but it started to become expensive it force poor people to have to pay money they don't have.i don't got no 700 or rent money for no dam Jordan's I'm not materialistic like the kids now I like simple shit that what payless was.i hate they close.they think everyone is lazy and lose themselves in the internet it unfair they close what about the ones who still is human and still go and buy in their stores what about us.ithe millenials parents raise their kids on everything got to be name brand like it gonna give them a diploma or something.i prefer the stores then the internet and give two shit of other name brands.plus I got big feet and other stores like rent money or can't find it at all that unfair
scooby doo
yes i did know it was "shoe source"
Drove International
Payless needs to boost women variety and kids shoes, perhaps reach to a new markers such as working boots etc. That should at least keep them around for a bit..
I’ve bought 2 pairs from Payless when I was 10 (1991) years old with my paper route money. I returned one and the others were so bad they hurt my feet after a week and I couldn’t wear them... I returned there for some reason in 2010 to see if they were any better and the joint was filled with women shoes and whatever men’s shoes they were selling were dress shoes , for some reason My sister used to love this place as a kid though in 1991 , maybe the women’s shoes are better or kids but the men’s shoes are worthless
d abdella
I always thought being called shoes was an overrated title for their flimsy foot wear.
Shoes are for some kind of support and protection.
Plus carry the body weight.
Wear a few times foot cover , would have been a better banner , and save money owners sell on street corners.
If you really shop around at many Ross stores you're bound to find something name brand and at a great price same thing with swapmeets seen sellers have pallets of vans,nike sb,Adidas etc and sell them for 15-20$ keep in mind they were new and shoes people especially teens would wear .
Marc Del
I seldom found what I was looking for at Payless, but did find it at Walmart and a local shoe store that often sells returned products, some that are even repaired. But at 1/3 the price, who cares!
Joey Fossa
I got Wal-Mart $10 shoes n $49 for boots n last so much longer then payless lol
Yasmin C Camacho
Face it .. Payless shoes lacked quality ... they caused blisters and where not t comfortable. I would rather pay good money 💰 for comfort. Further more, they had unprofessional people who did not know anything about the products they were hired to push and sell . The only thing they helped with was sizing.
Allison Jacobo-Guzman
It’s because now n days people only focus on the brand
Mary Chua
I bought most of my handbags & flip flops from Payless...now I get it on Amazon or DD’s Discount stores😬👜🥿
They had some good shoes at the $40 mark tho as a woman with larger feet they provided up to 13 size now I have to buy men shoes again- yeah you are terrible worrying more about the name then the story geez!!
Yeah not many people went to stride rite anyway never should have tried to get it
LeoGirl 29in2019
I think there was an instant noodles named payless. . . . .and you were like paying more for not so good taste of food.
luis esparza
I remeber going to payless for shoes when i was in elementary & middle school. Over 14 years ago. Now, the store in my local town is closed.
Art D best
Wow its super hard being a ex employee of payless and read these comments. I want to clarify I loved the thought and goal of the company. I think the quality of the shoes are/were great. No, we didn't sell name brand shoe it was the best, family environment for everyone. R.I.P.
Tara Lalla
I dont mind buying payless shoes but lord theyre hard and uncomfortable. My daughter got a pair of champion sneakers for quarter the price of skechers and she swears by them.
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You've Been Asleep, Cap | 1985 The Decline of Payless...What Happened? 7 months ago   23:33

For almost 20 years.

In this episode we take care of everything that is needed to bring this car back to life.





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