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The Decline Of Payless...what Happened? | You've Been Asleep, Cap | 1985 - At Up-Tube.com

The Decline of Payless...What Happened? You've Been Asleep, Cap | 1985 10 months ago   11:10

Company Man
Payless ShoeSource is the largest store of its kind in the United States but has recently had some tough times. Within the past few years Moody’s has lowered their credit rating multiple times, they’ve closed 800 stores, and filed for bankruptcy. This video takes a look at their rise and fall and attempts to provide explanations for all of it.

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Comments 3706 Comments

Aaron D
I thought it was payless shoe store as well!
James Beliveau
I liked them because their shoes were immitation leather... I'm a vegetarian... AMEN
Scott Stallings
I miss pay less...I loved wearing the many different styles of shoes
Bryce Cherry
What about a lawsuit where Payless was selling shoes with a "four stripes" logo which Adidas contends that it infringes on its "three stripes" trademark?
Robert Beale
I remember I bought a pair of prowings they only lasted for two months.
Rodney Lennox
Payless was awful
DW 001
Horrible products!!!!! Rejected products that imitate reputable brands’ designs.
Idiotic Tirades
Pro-Wings 👍🏼
"The social importance of fashionable shoes has gone way up." Wow. This shows just how much the self importance of the internet-generation has gone up.
This is nothing new. . . . At least, it is nothing new to people that have already lived through it and learn we are more interesting than our fashion choices. In fact, nothing any kid is going through now is any different. The peripherals might be new but human beings are the same. The same things you feel right now, have been felt by every one of your ancestors. Messed up and comforting ain't it?
Coach B
True story
The last pair of shoes I purchased from PayLess pasted less than a week. Two days actually. The glue for the sole did not hold up.
Martin Coronado
I think I was 10 years old when I finally realized that it was not store but source.
H Con
Yeah I thought it was Payless Shoe Store too!!!🤣😃😂😅😁😅
Another reason is that major shoe brands like Nike and Adidas also offer cheap range shoes. theres really no reason to buy non brand shoes from payless, when you could just get a cheap pair of Nikes. Even Puma shoes are frequently on sale.
GJL Creative Studios
fucking investors breaking up decent brands. Mitt Romney's Bain Captial did the same thing to Kay Bee Toys. They bought it and paid themselves hundreds of millions in "Management Fees" and bankrupted the business. Do a video on that one
They added Christian Siriano shoes for $50 and went against their brand.
Wow... I didn’t know they bought Stride Rite, which are completely overpriced.
Barry Taylor
They had a couple of brand I would get Champion and Shaq because I don't like Jordans!
Yes, I shopped at payless until the end. They started purchasing shoes from American eagle and other sources that were higher quality but more expensive. As such, it was hard to pay the same price for shoes as you would at DSW from a place named payless. We started calling it pay more. They may still be around if they had simply rebranded from a discount brand when they upgraded their source suppliers. Maybe they could have dropped the payless and became the shoe source...rebranding worked for Burlington.
My feet are wide and flat. I need to try my shoes on. Plus I wear a size 10. Payless always had shoes that accommodated my wayward feet. I miss them already.
john loza
i once bought some sandals from them, and they made my feet bleed
Jay Jay
It's the Mandela Effect! I remember it as Payless Shoe Store! Apparently in this new world Mandela didn't die, it was the BearenstAin Bears, and the lion doesn't lie down with the lamb, the lion lies down with the calf!
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You've Been Asleep, Cap | 1985 The Decline of Payless...What Happened? 10 months ago   23:33

For almost 20 years.

In this episode we take care of everything that is needed to bring this car back to life.





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