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U.s. Charter Schools Tied | It Is "suicide" For Gulen To Return To Turkey - At Up-Tube.com

U.S. charter schools tied It is "suicide" for Gulen to return to Turkey 7 months ago   13:32

CBS News
Over the past decade, followers of the mysterious Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen have opened scores of charter schools in the U.S., inspired by a man who is as powerful as he is reclusive. Lesley Stahl reports.

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baki göçer
Be carefull america,this schools is terrorists home,this kids will be zombi and shoot you when grow up,fetullah is not a muslim,gulenizm is biggest terrorist organization in the world by cia. If you dont belive me check july 15 turkiye coup,you will see they are how biggest terrorist group,ypur childs is in the danger,never send them this schools,
Kessa R
Wow, what a propaganda piece!
This is BLATANT propaganda. How dare some cable t.v. show intrude? Get over yourselves, stop putting out commercials, and learn to Love Yourself. None of us have the time to deal with this fear-mongering. Ciao. ---Maestro
A cleric? Dangerous man.
Don't be surprised if your state governor after 40 years is a graduate of this school and secretly serving Gulen organization instead of your state. Even worse, how would you like one of therm being president of the US 40 years down the road? This organization plans long term, as they did in Turkey. Remember the military coup attempt in Turkey in 2016.
I totally agree with the comment below. Fetullah Gulen is the most dangerous person of this century, and he uses these charter schools for his ultimate goal. His disciples (including teachers at charter schools) pay back a major portion of their salary to Gulen organization. All the teachers at these schools are themselves graduates of other Gulen schools. They use this mechanism to spread their influence and eventually control governments by placing their pupils to high positions in the government.
Anas yahaya
The gulen movement is also active in Nigeria, they operate a number of private high schools and a university.
Kea 54
I studied 12 years -from the first grade to the end of the High school, one of the schools, of the Gulen movement in Turkey.My school was shut down eventually after July 15th happened and later taken by the goverment officially changed its name "July 15th Martyrs" and reopened as a Public School.

As a person been there long time, i have neutural views from both parties claims for what is the matter and what really happened on July 15th Turkey.I agree claims from Turkish government that most of the people involved in July 15th are belonging Gulenist Movement.They were coordinated very well on July 15th and what matters them most importantly is what Gulen movement top senior members "Imams" require from them.Once you involved in these schools, you begin getting along well with them and at some point it always come to the matter to follow their ideology and "the hizmet" what really matters to them since practicing their life.Many people naturally could effect from their personal views and carry on their ideology and finally becoming one of them.This is their basic organizational structure and the main purpose in these charter schools throughout the World so i think you should only consider sending your kids to these charter schools under the obligation of the government of the United States.

Like i said, it will always eventualy come to a matter to be one of them or not.Once you are against their idealogy somehow that would be even worse-in Turkey things were really corrupted after people who follow with Gulen movement, due to several disagreements and being against the Turkish government continue making demands only for their best interest.When these demands were denied, they have gone as far as they can like to make an attempt to overthrow the Turkish government with well organizated coup attempt within the role many individual people including many highly ranked Turkish Army officials,many judges defense attorneys and many other along members, who follow up Gulen movement.

Finally as i see clearly, US government denies possible extradation of F. Gulen and all other members who continue practicing entire their process behind the all other facts working under Charter schools.I want to say i agree with US government not to consider it occasinally.I believe also that there are reliable evidences that Gulenist are behind this coup attempt.US government expect Turkish government neuturalise their home security after declaring the state of emergency to find out what really happened.Turkish government has to prevent these things are happened no matter who is behind these events.Most of people responsible for July 15th were promoted in the government by the act of Turkish President Erdogan.Their main responsibility is always to make home safe which they failed as July 15th happened. It`s also possible US government does not believe this coup attempt could be organized by F. Gulen himself an imam in self exile in Pennysylvania United States.

The other thing, US President Donald Trump cannot either extract a person or retain him residenship without the order of the State Court.There is a process within the Justice Department of a extraction of a person.The US President cannot decide to do so or not to.Pressurising the US government on this particular matter could not sustain a well partnership between Turkey and United States.It would be really annoying at these times.

Sorry if i bothered you making it too long and confusing.Somethings were not easy to explain what really happened in Turkey.I just wanted to explain all in my own views whether some people like or not.Please refer these matters once you still consider your children to send these schools.
He can’t speak in English but he is teaching in English wtf
j hope
Be careful where you send your kids to school. Big complaint with these charter schools is they hire Turkish teachers that are not certified and pay them much more than the certified US teachers, maybe they have to if the school is s taking part of those teachers pay. Teachers have also complained that grades are manipulated to make it look like the students are doing well. Also there is no lack of qualified US teachers. If you are even considering sending your kids to one of these charter schools, do lots of research, especially if your child is special needs. No they don't teach Islam in school but they do teach Islam on outings, they also post Islamic symbols in the classrooms.
Adil عادل 正義
AL.LAH knows better about everything of doings from everyone and everything. ALLAH will punish the unfair people, earlier or later noone can flee. It is better, the real enemy is exposing himself or more people will die because him and his unfair doings. I cant know that Gülen is alone or is the one, but if he isn't the enemy, then he can go to turkey. He has nothing to lose. But he scared because, maybe he hide some information, thats why he dont go to turkey back. He is either way not completely clean. If i would in his situation and im real muslim, then i would like to go turkey and take my punishment. because the punishment in this world is not so hard like the punishment after this life. This is one of the mercies of ALLAH, that whoever get his punishment in this world, maybe ALLAH will repays his sins for him in the next life. But if Gülen not seeing this, then the future will show him his fatality in not so nice kind
Green Orchid
A family member went to a charter school in Manhattan and was honors and principal recognition to 6th Grade in regular public school. Because of boredom applied and won a seat STILL straight As on weekly progress report! READING above grade more structure but some kids who need help on Saturday and summer do not attend. There are no fees only uniform to be purchased and I heard a parent asked why the children has to wear belts? It is founded by a former teacher. The teachers are from a diverse backgrounds and universities. Graduates have access to ivy league schools as well.
The Nobodycares Man
tuncay cakici
Gulen is Armenian priest acting like a imam
Carolynska S
Mr.Gulen sounds like a good man if what is being said about him is true.
Separation of church and state.....no religious indoctrination is allowed.

In all honesty, it is an enigma to me that unless Mr. Gulen is a cherry picking Muslim how he can read his Quran and Hadiths and not die of embarrassment.
El Perro Loco
Fethuallah Gulen is the man who will save America and the world. I love this man and his movement and I wish him the best of luck.

I wish Gulen's people would open schools in the Dominican Republic and all over Latin America. We need hizmet to save us from ourselves.
Lee Nabil
An iman ?!?! Of what?
Abdul Adde
Zionist movement is more powerful in America!

The devil (Gulan) they first start with school to look innocent than they infiltrate government and all powerful position in America!

Having said that, Gulan is far from Islamic teaching and spreading Islam is not his goal..
Syaiful Ahmad
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It is "suicide" for Gulen to return to Turkey U.S. charter schools tied 7 months ago   26:05

For more from Conflict Zone go to http://www.dw.com/en/tv/conflict-zone/s-101431
When July's military coup failed in Turkey, the country’s president wasted no time in blaming followers of Fethullah Gulen. But to what extent are the group behind it? Ercan Karakoyun, the director of Gulen’s movement in Germany, is Conflict Zone’s guest this week. #dwZone

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