Sophie Turner: 5 best GOT moments, Sophie Turner Helped Joe Jonas 1 day ago   15:14

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Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner talks to Radio 1's movie critic Ali Plumb: Her Top 5 lines in GOT, starring in the new film X-Men: Dark Phoenix film, James McAvoy's neck and the advice she would give to her 13-year-old self.

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Meri Grimes
Wow! Sophie has such a great personality and is an amazing actress! 😍❤️
I’ve always loved Sophie & her face but ever since Joe came into her life her smile is HUGE and I’m loving it 😍😍
Michelle Esterhuizen
This guy is great!!
Invicta Films
I want to be that horse
The guy said "You let it Rip, and it felt like a blow dryer in my face" 0:57 ,for some reason I was thinking of something totally different lmaoo
This is how every interview should go, ever. From both parties.
My absolute favourite is: I’m a slow learner but I learn.
daniel burton
4:28 are they really playing thotiana in the background 😂😂
Anyone noticed the thotiana beat in the background
Malia Roadres
Sophie wasn't bad at this movie, her acting was pretty good but.... movie at self sucks.
Bintoro Artur
she's gorgeous
How did "the lone wold dies but the pack survives" not make it? Was that just in the trailer?
I just love seeing her smiling.
Marcus Lee
i love how bastille is playing in the background
Jeffrey X Creative
And...... LUNCH!!!
J Bush
Missed opportunity "Mr. Thumbnus"
TrexonGaming Boom
Too bad it flopped. It was a great movie but very very very very very very confusing.
Jonathan Liu
Best Sansa roast is "Or maybe he'll give me yours."
Kevin G Conroy
Massive spoiler ffs
She sucked in both game of thrones and dark pheonix that's how she just appeared.
Because she just appeared
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Sophie Turner Helped Joe Jonas Sophie Turner: 5 best GOT moments, 1 day ago   02:35

What a good look!

#GrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton #GameofThrones

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