Ford Ranger Raptor vs Chevy 2017 Ford Raptor vs 700hp 2 days ago   11:11

The Sundae Drive
We compare the new Raptor Ranger that is coming to the United States (hopefully for the 2020 model year!!) to its competitors; the Chevy Colorado ZR2 and the Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO.

All three of these trucks are incredibly impressive trucks aimed at the compact truck market and offer some awesome specs and tech. Does that make them worth their $40,000+ price tags? That's for you to decide! We're just here to talk about about what these trucks offer to the off-road enthusiast and help convey everything we know about the Ford Ranger Raptor.

Even though the Raptor Ranger has already been released in the Asia-Pacific automotive market, we know there will be some key changes to the powertrain before Ford brings the truck over to our U.S. coasts.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Ranger Raptor, the Colorado ZR2, and the Tacoma TRD Pro.

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Comments 485 Comments

David Hogan
Honestly, not interested in and of the vehicles for my personal use but definitely enjoyed the video! Well done!
Bing both, head to head, and see what, they can do!!!!!!  This video, was useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If anyone, really knows, true on and off road racing, come to the East Coast, from the video's, the West Coast is all about sand, but they did not bring any of, there trucks, to test them!!!  We as East Coast racers, would be willing to bring our racers and go head to head!!!!  We don't deal with a lot of sand, but we do deal with a lot of shit, when we are racing!!!  Every off road racer, be safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's not a make believe truck... just got mine :D
Qwert Trewq
Что это за пидоры? Где пикапы?
todd newham
everything is fucking auto these days fuck me is it so those gender queers can drive them
Rannie Deocampo
Raptor f-350 I like. Bat manual transmission..
Rannie Deocampo
I like raptor, bat manual transmission...
Chawn Crawley
They give the win to the Ranger. And no one even has one. Good grief.
Eric Attakora
The taco ia better
In every way
Eric Attakora
The ford ranger has 270hp and 310 trq
Michael Routson
3.6 V6=450hp only $56,000?!
You are a loser thinking horsepower is more important than torque, in a 4x4.
nobull shiit
we need some normal junkyard dog mechanics to design vehicles for these manufactures cause they b crazy stupid expensive
nobull shiit
hahah $40 ,000 for a ranger ???????hahahaha my s10 with a ls1 and a corvette rear didnt even cost me half that i got cadillac heated seats and i put in a cadillac navigation system. my truck will dust any of those trucks any day hahahaha $40,000 for a tacoma?????? hahahahaahah im in the twilight zone
nobull shiit
put supercharger on the zr2 and you will never want to sell it
Gordy G
Lol pussy truck
scott westcott
budget azz shit no cage wait till somebody rolls it
Bob Channell
I drove my old Ranger into the ground, and was forced to buy a Tacoma this year. The new Ranger will arrive at least a year too late, as far as I'm concerned. Not too thrilled with the Ford sales process either; or the dealer service after the sale.
I would like to see the 3.5L EcoBoost turbo charged on the Ranger Raptor.
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2017 Ford Raptor vs 700hp Ford Ranger Raptor vs Chevy 2 days ago   14:21

We go for a drive in the 2017 Ford F150 Raptor and compare it to the 2016 Shelby F150 with 700hp. These are 2 of the best trucks on the market. Leave a comment which one you'd pick!

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