The Cast Remembers: Kit Harington on Playing Jamie Lannister's Evolution ( Game 2 months ago   05:12

Harington opens up about which actor was most special to work with, and what he’ll miss most about creating Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.

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Shame the writers destroyed Jon, what was the point of Aegon Targaryen?
Gregory Chorchel
If Jon Snow would have had listen to Kit's advise to not to go to The Wall, The Old Town could have gotten fucked up. Without Jon Snow there wouldn't be an alliance with Wildlings, Deneyrys wouldn't come to the north with her armies and dragons and The Night King army could have advanced all the way to the south.
Mo Hawk
The main character in the show!
Sky Threader
Jon snow first of his name, prince that was promised, hero that gets exiled, watcher of the now safe wall, and rightful king that no one picked or even mentioned in the end.
Electric Flesh
I'm gonna miss this character. Kit did a great job. And it's so wonderful that he met his beautiful wife on the set.
Bravo to Kit Harrington for saying that everyone bitching about the final season "can just fuck off".
Too bad that character got fucked into the ground
All that character building just to go back to the wall, what a dexter level ending
Warren Beer
Jon got fucked over, he deserved better.
Ryan Kassim
The King Of The North!
Heather C
I wanted Jon to have a happy ending. He was such a beautiful character!
StuTheBru me
if you took your own advice,you wouldant be married now,wonder if she will forgive you for saying this... great job john snow but you do know nothing
did jon snow ever swear
Rahman Khan
U always the king the real king which protect innocent including wilding fight for living never greedy for any throne or noble family sur name . You jst want to do right thing for everyone. And those are fool who say you know nothing .
U know everything how to be good person . Long live JON SNOW🤴 AND GHOST 🐺.
Nerd Girl Crystal
He has been my favorite character since day one! Thank you GOT & thank you, Kit Harington for being my Jon Snow 💙❄️⚔️
I loved the show but they got themselves into some trouble when they just abandoned those wolf pups after they reached a certain age. from what I heard (if it is true) they just released them into the wild to fend for themselves.
Laila 94
The ending didn't do justice to you John snow, you were and always will be our king in the north
Rahul Sehgal
King of the North
Amrith Bharadwaj
3:57 he really can't wink
Hunbbel Meer
Not many people appreciate it, but Kit Harrington had one of the most physically challenging roles to play. He had to train harder than most, and he had to do action sequences in unforgiving environments. Despite all that, he did such a brilliant job! Even if Game of Thrones is remade 50 years down the road, Kit Harrington will always be the perfect Jon Snow.

Thank you, Kit!
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Jamie Lannister's Evolution ( Game The Cast Remembers: Kit Harington on Playing 2 months ago   1:07:16

Jaime Lannister's Evolution is where we show the evolution of Jamie Lannister from season 1 to season 7. The clips go over some of Jaime Lannister's most devious moments, to some of his most honorable.



Scenes in order of appearance: Jaime pushing Bran out a window, Jaime talking to Tywin about Ned, Jaime being captured, Jaime being released by Catelyn, Jaime and Brienne swordfight, Jaime losing a hand, Jaime telling the story of the Mad King, Jaime saving Brienne from a Bear, Jaime returning to Kings Landing, Jaime refusing Caterly Rock and staying a member of the kingsguard, Jaime and Cersei discussing their relationship, Jaime and Brienne discussing Sansa, Jaime and Cersei at Joffrey's funeral, Jaime giving Brienne Oathkeeper, Jaime releasing Tyrion, Jaime and Cersei at Tywin's funeral, Jaime and Bronn on a ship to Dorne, Jaime telling Myrcella that he is her father, Jaime bringing Myrcella's corpse back to Cersei, Jamie and Edmure talking about there sisters, Jaime seeing Cersei crowned, Jaime and Cersei talking over a map of Westeros and strategy, Jaime talking to Olenna, Jaime talking to Tyrion about an armistice, Cersei revealing to Jaime that she is pregnant, Jaime leaving Cersei and heading to Winterfell.