How Tom Holland Got Ripped To Play Spider-Man 10 Superpowers Spiderman Has That Are Completely 1 year ago   04:41

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Once upon a time, Tom Holland was best known for starring in the stage version of Billy Elliot and the 2012 disaster flick The Impossible. Of course, that all changed when the British actor appeared in Captain America: Civil War, donning the iconic Spider-Man suit to fight against Steve Rogers. Marvel fans everywhere thought Holland absolutely killed it as Peter Parker and they also agreed he looked ripped as everybody's favorite web-slinger. He might've even made some of his co-stars jealous for how well-liked he was in the flick. But how did he physically transform from a scrawny tot into one of the world's most famous superheroes? Here's everything you need to know about how Tom Holland turned himself into Spider-Man…

Shaking it into shape | 0:48
Hitting the mats | 1:26
Changing things up | 2:59
Punching it out | 3:42

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After I started watching Spiderman I started wanting to be more successful in life, right now im only 11 but if I work hard I might be at least half as good.
Tylia Baptista
I love Tom Holland he is an amazing spiderman
Cynthia Daniel
Excuse me, wtf is dude cred? What is this? Frat bro club?
Zoe's Shadows
2:13 woah
Doctor Starline
Anybody's here after Sony's ripped Spider-Man out of the MCU?
Yeah we all know how that went
Deandrea Anna
His accent is cutee
•• •••• •• ••
4:13 wtf? What's inside of the guy's sweatpants?
Narmin Khan
I have a question for you did you see spider man far from home?
I just realized that Tom Holland is who I strive to be like; he goes freerunning, knows gymnastics, is in great shape but not too bulky so he can be agile, and is Spider man.
Pusheen Yoongi
0:50 wow...that’s they’re calling him kinda underweight...he’s one of the most funniest superheroes ever! And they have really good songs on there.

(Unlike a certain actor known as star-lord...)
Pete Deadline
Mein neues Vorbild. Danke für die Motivation! Greetings from Germany!
Alex A
Now I’m just jealous
Stephen Roño
So this video is about comparing him to every MCU characters and humiliating them?
Steven Howard
Tom Holland is cool. But I think that Tobey McGuire was a better Spider-Man.
So he was actually born for this role....daebak
Savage Sushi
Who else misses Tobey? I still like Tom though
Sara Anna
skonczz nieee coś nieee
Ate Tam
Wow tom Holland is so cool
I think Peter Parker should look more nerdy, and not as athletic.
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10 Superpowers Spiderman Has That Are Completely How Tom Holland Got Ripped To Play Spider-Man 1 year ago   12:09

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10 Superpowers Spiderman Has That Are Completely Useless!
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When it comes to superpowers, we assume that almost all of them are pretty awesome. There’s some powers like flying, x-ray vision, web shooters, super strength and agility. But what if you got stuck with some lame powers? You might be wondering, is there even such a thing? Yes there is, imagine being able to grow your hair very fast or be able to eat more pie than any normal human can. Sure they’d be kinda cool, but what use are those abilities in battle?
One of our favorite heroes is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He’s one of the coolest characters in the Marvel Universe. So it’s hard to imagine any powers that he has as being lame or useless. Well it turns out he has a couple of them and we have compiled a list of some of his useless powers.
If Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can with only 4 limbs, why in the world would he need extras? Well turns out, at one point he grows 6 arms, making him an 8 limbs creature. At one point, he also turned into a spider, why? He’s already gifted with these abilities. Also, in some story lines, Spidey has organic webbing, which renders web shooters useless, doesn’t that make more sense? Instead of running out of canisters at any point during a fight? He also had a Spider-Mobile car, which is pointless since he travels via web slinging. Plus Peter Parker never learned how to drive. Want to know what else made our list? Watch our video and find out.

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