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Fresno State
California State University, Fresno is committed to providing a quality education to it students. This commitment is also in the are of service learning. The university recently reached a milestone of 1 million hours of serve provided to the Central Valley in the course of a single year.

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Jaymee Shupe
Fresno State University offers best education. Cut the scene about any White Girls Video which possibly can mess around with Foreign Student's Imagination. Because from now on, If Any Universities of United States give imaginative fantasy to Asian Foreigners such as Chinese or Korean, We will lose. This is for Fresno State University and for United States. We are Daniel Lee and Jessica Lee, New Billionaires of California. I am Korean American who used to be a student of California State University, Fresno. I had Double Nationality from the beginning.
Today, City of Fresno represents Victory of The United States.
Today, Geon-Ho(Daniel) Lee who used to be a student of CSUF, Represents Education of California. 
Jessica Lee, she was born in Fresno, California.
They are new Billionaires.
Daniel Lee's major was Health Administration back in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012.
He was a student when I was 18, but he got academic disqualification because he wrote about poet or poetry everyday about American Girls, Even he barely read academic articles, He wrote poet or maybe poetry everyday. He was a Poet or Poetry. He doesn't even know how to distinguish poet and poetry, but He knows, He loves Jessica, and He knows, He loves America, and He knows, He became Hero.

Today, Daniel and Jessica, They decided to donate $20,000,000 for Poor International Students and Local Students from California.
We Fresno Bulldogs, Daniel Lee the Best Bulldog, He won Republic of Korea.

Thanks to Daniel & Jessica. Young Billionaires from Fresno, They decided to donate $50,000,000 just for our New School, University Of California, Fresno.  

-Sincerely Daniel Lee, Jessica Lee, Lt.Gen.James R.Clapper, Barack Obama.

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Ryerson University: Make Your Service-Learning at California State University, 1 day ago   07:38

In the heart of Toronto's downtown, Ryerson University is a city builder and major hub of innovation where faculty and students conceive creative solutions to real-world problems. We are a university on the move. Learn how our $200-million Make Your Mark Campaign will grow our campus, expand our talent base, fast forward our research agenda and support student success.